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The MotoGp Live Today, Saturday, September 24, will propose qualifications From 2022 Japanese Grand Prix on the track Motegi, which hosts the 16th round of the 2022 MotoGP World Championships, is a welcome return to the Land of the Rising Sun for the first time since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s only natural to hope that weather will ease on hurricane warning days. Nanmadol. An appointment not to be missed because it is now Francesco Bagnaia Really stuck in ranking in Fabio Quartararo It is therefore imperative to carefully follow what may happen again this weekend that will constitute MotoGP’s second chapter Back-to-back Grand Prix trilogy kicks off in Spain And now on stage in Asia, between Japan and Thailand. Could Motegi be a Pecco bypass scenario or will Quartararo be able to restart and iterate?

France’s Yamaha remains at the top of the standings, but the return of Ducati is skyrocketing and trailing ten points with five players still on the calendar with little at this point. So let’s now remember all the moto times on Saturday, with the inevitable timezone issues. Moreover, as per the offbeat program of the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix, the live MotoGP race starts at Raw 3.50 Italian with Proof of Freedom FP2, 45 minutes which will start in Motegi at 10.50 local time. in Raw 7.25 Here is 30 minutes from FP3then the two qualifying sessions, each 15 minutes long: in Raw 8.05 a way to x 1in Raw 8.30 Here is the crucial Q2 Which will define the first four rows of the starting grid.

MOTOGP, Video Broadcasting and Live TV: How to follow qualifications

Naturally, the official tests will be broadcast in the live broadcast of the MotoGp video on TV on Sky Sport MotoGp HD, the 208th channel of the Sky satellite platform, which also guarantees the broadcast. As motorcycle enthusiasts know well, again this year MotoGP and other classes are transmitted entirely by Sky on satellite, and for the Grand Prix at Motegi it should also be noted that, for those who are not Sky subscribers, they will not be visible in real time. Obviously on Tv8, as this GP is not included among those being transmitted in real time. there MotoGp Live Video Streaming It will be guaranteed to subscribers through the Sky Go app but also through Now TV to follow the story of the team as always led by Guido Meda.

As for the Free TVit will not be possible to follow MotoGp live for the day on TV8 (Channel 8 for the remote control) As mentioned earlier, in real time for all: the Japanese Grand Prix is ​​not among those that will be visible on Tv8 with the times already indicated. It will be possible to experience all the excitement from the qualifications of all classes and FP4 first class motorcycles from the Motegi circuit even for non-Sky subscribers but only from 12.00 Italian time – FP3 is excluded anyway. Finally, we also remember the official World Championship references on Twitter, the MotoGp account, as well as the MotoGp Facebook page.


Looking forward to living this wonderful morning with you MotoGp LiveLet’s give a brief summary of the history of the World Championships in JapanWhich will resume after the absence of the years 2020 and 2021 due to the epidemic. A rather long history, as it is natural to see that Japan is one of the homelands of motorcycles, currently mainly for its giant builders but in the past also thanks to many heroes – now from this point of view they are years of crisis for moreover And, to be honest, Sol Levante, even Japanese manufacturers have a hard time in comparison with Ducati and Aprilia.

The history of the first valid race for the world championship dates back to 1963, when the trip to Suzuka was very demanding: only in Argentina before that was the Grand Prix held outside Europe. The race was still held at Suzuka also in 1964 and 1965, and then at Fuji in 1966 and 1967, but only for the minor classes (never for the 500). In 1968 Honda and Suzuki withdrew from the world championships and the Japanese race was also dropped from the calendar. It will have to wait until 1987 for Japan to return to the world calendar and with all categories, except for the 125 in the first two years. From then until 2003 the race was always held at Suzuka, except in 1999, when the world championships first landed in Motegi, which then hosted Pacific GP from 2000 to 2003, giving Japan two races in the same season.

LIVE MOTOGP, KATO Tragedy and Passage to MOTEGI

However, 2003 was the year of Daijiro Kato’s death at Suzuka and after that the tragic accident, it was decided to abandon the glorious Suzuka Circuit, so since 2004 Motegi has been the permanent home of the Japanese Grand Prix. The now great former Valentino Rossi in Class One has won the Japanese Grand Prix four times, but three more times at Suzuka. In Motegi, on the other hand, he had two successes, one of which was in Pacific times. The feeling was better for Jorge Lorenzo, for example, with three wins starting in 2009, but we also remember Loris Capirossi’s great Ducati trio from 2005 to 2007.

Marc Marquez, on the other hand, has five wins in Motegi, three of them in MotoGP, Including 2019 Which remains for the time being the last precedent for the Japanese race. And Andrea Dovizioso, who retired at the beginning of the month in Misano, took home a win in 2004 at 125 and then brilliant success in 2017 after a tough battle with Marquez. The current champions in MotoGP inevitably back the players: the only person to actually win the Motegi is Francesco Bagnaia, with Kalex in Moto2 in 2018, the year he claimed his world title in the cadet class. Given these historical numbers, now is the time to go back to current events and let the lone judge do the talking, this is the path (of course with the stopwatch), so let’s get comfortable: MotoGp Live subordinate qualifications Based on Proof of Freedom FP2 e FP3 From 2022 Japanese Grand Prix on the track Motegi You will start…

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