Absolute black graphene brake pads. Will they be the future?

Absolute Black recently introduced new graphene brake pads specifically for bikes.
Graphene has become popular in the manufacture of many bicycle components, but according to the British company, it could offer key advantages in this sector.
The new pads are the result of 3 years of studies and tests conducted in cooperation with companies already active in the automotive world and come Produced in Europe.

How is it made

The new Absolute Black pads use graphene, along with other materials, for both the pad compound, the backplate and the cooling fins.
This combination allows you to take advantage of The excellent thermal conductivity of graphene To improve the cooling capacity of the cushion. In short, the key to everything lies precisely in this aspect.

The organic compound consists of “specially modified” graphene instead of copper, which according to Absolute Black guarantees excellent friction and durability, but above all transfers heat to the plates more efficiently.
The Complete absence of copper It is another aspect that must be emphasized, as it is a toxic substance. It will be banned in California from 2025, and will most likely suffer from the same species in Europe in the coming years.

Graphene brake pads

Especially also the panel structure and cooling fins, Made of steel, but completely covered with graphene. until the radiator design Helps improve heat dissipation, with the shape of the cooling fins varying by model. Lugs are available on all versions except Shimano Deore versions.

Graphene brake pads
The shape of the cooling fins changes depending on the model

What are the advantages of graphene brake pads

The main advantage that Graphene brake pads promised is 35% better cooling capacity than competitors.
At least that’s what the tests conducted in the Absolute Black laboratory say, partly explained in the video you find below.

According to the technicians of the English company, it is precisely the overheating of the disc and pads that causes a decrease in performance, as well as noise and increased consumption.
Therefore, better cooling capacity should ensure more powerful braking, but above all more stable and modular even on long and difficult descents. Thus, more safety and fluidity of driving.
Based on what has been said, it appears to us that the main advantages can affect heavier cyclists on long, steep slopes, putting the braking system under much more stress.

Lowering operating temperatures should also ensure greater silence, in addition to one silence Longer life, both pads and disc.
With use, in fact, graphene gradually also settles on the surface of the disc and this should increase its life. Not to mention working at lower temperatures The risk of deformation is reduced.

Duration and prices

According to internal tests using a pair of pads, can ride up to 8000 km on an elevated road.

The bushings are a critical component of improving the performance of the braking system, and frankly we’re really curious to understand how they move. We just asked a couple for this and will give you some feedback in the coming months.

Of course, the prices at the moment are not attractive. We’ll have to find out if it’s really worth it…

34 disc per Shimano Dura Ace, Utlegra, 105: €59.99 per couple
35 tablets per Sram eTap AXS: €59.99 per couple
27 disc per Shimano XTR: 47.99 euros per couple
Disc 31 per SRAM G2: 47.99 euros per couple
15 tablets per Shimano Dior: €35.99 per couple

for more information: Absoluteblack.cc
To deepen the data and methods of internal tests: Absoluteblack.cc/graphenpads

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