According to favorite betting sites Quartararo

evil I got off the brakes and ran fast towards reassertion in the 2022 MotoGP World Championships, and that’s evident in this first part of the season raising the stakes in our country. However, the fight for the title was beautiful and difficult to fight thanks to the exceptional Ducati, in good shape, and Pico Bagnaia, despite having so many faults, he is always one step closer to the impregnable Frenchman. Will Quartararo really be the worthy heir to Valentino Rossi following Tavoliano’s retirement last year? Predictions keep the French in mind before things even begin. Fans, on the other hand, To understand whether to bet on MotoGP 2022they follow all the opinions of bookmakers and experts and then bet on this or that driver.

The MotoGP bets are among the bets lovable In absolute terms and drives, in general, it is a valid alternative for those who like to bet more on football, which remains the sport on which to bet the most in our country. It’s certainly hard to undermine football from the podium, but the Italians are passionate about Formula 1 and motorcycles that we’ve always had great champions. Also in this period, with Dovizioso And Bagnaia, we are giving a rough time to the most famous champs, not to mention the great start to the year by Enea Bastianini who, despite being a Gresini and not on an official bike, is doing great races and big races.

Rossi’s era just ended: is there a true MotoGP champion missing?

L ‘The last race From Valentino RossI was at the Valencia Grand Prix, in November 2021, the last of hundreds of races for a crazy champ, a man who, in over 25 years, has changed the way we think about motorcycles and the way we ride a motorcycle. Valentino was, and still is, the champion, that is, the one who beats him and he has trained dozens of opponents who are willing to do anything to win. Among all we remember Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo, without losing sight of former champions such as Roman Max Biagi. Is there at this moment anyone capable of being a hero on the level of Pisaro? Anyone able to arm fans from all over the world just to see their way compete in the Grand Prix? Perhaps a little confusing, there are still some cute characters out there anyway.

Can Quartararo be considered to beheir Who is a doctor? Yes, in some ways, also for the audacity with which he was able to win and fight without fear. But it is just time to give us an idea of ​​how capable Fabio can be. Rossi has fought, always in an excellent way, for over 25 years and has always stayed on top, even in the very unfortunate years and was always talked about. This is what legend is made of, it gives opinions, flames, hatred, glorification, this is the only way to enter the myth.

Bastianini, a young hero in the shadow of the legend of Gresini

Enea Bastianini He immediately explained what kind of stuff he makes, even without an official bike and without many amazing sponsors. The young hero showed his skills as a pilot with a special angel, Fausto Grisini who saw him and searched for him aggressively. Fausto, the once-great champion and super team manager, flew away due to Covid but the family wanted to continue competing, with their team, in this year’s MotoGP. The family support was fantastic and Ennis was very good at giving vent, to perfection, to the entire moto class.

So, according to Moto GP stakes, we can consider The tournament is already over? Absolutely not, there are many variables and many things can still happen. Quartararo is certainly in a privileged position, but there are several fierce riders who can make a difference. However, we know that motorcycle riding is not just a sport related to the strength of the bike, but of course also to the skill of the rider who, with focus, can really win and upset the entire ranking.