“Agnelli is in an awkward position, they don’t like the moment at all”: the reaction of the president and on Allegri …

Andrea lambs-Masimiliano Allegri. Partnership that fans of Juventus They have learned to know, to love in the moment of victories, to look on with more suspicion now that the results are not coming. One is a descendant of one of the most important families in Italian history, the other comes from Livorno soil and from the street made an important place in football, especially as a coach. In Juventus they found a meeting point, A business relationship that later turned into a friendship.

The old lady’s number one was the one who called the Livorno technician, he remembers calciomercato.com: “Agnelli did not participate in the relay with Maurizio Sarri. Even a year later, he would have preferred to confirm the plan to launch the project of Andrea Pirlo: first the U-23 team, then the real Juventus in time. The Juventus president said August 8, 2020, in addition to Sarri’s acquittal, would have already recalled AllegriHowever, it is not compatible with Parachi Who asked and got one last chance. Pirlo’s operation failed, Paratici not renewed, back to the past with a year of delay: Allegri called up in time to snatch him from Real Madrid, an unprecedented 4-year contract with maximum participation (7 million net plus bonuses) and big. White papers. A move, yes, highly coveted by Agnelli“.

In all this also by virtue of the foregoing, The president’s silence makes a fuss at the moment of his biggest team crisis. Even on social media, fans ask themselves: where is anielle say again calciomercato.com: “So, where’s my Agnie? He’s in the think-and-observe stage. He does not like the present moment at all, zero points in the Champions League is less, and we also gradually come down to the issue of confessions to Corriere della Sera now that we should just “shut up and work” put it on Max. Agnelli is in an uncomfortable position, because if Allegri is not armored under the contract that makes him untouchable and is the result of his choice, it is likely that Juventus will now be another coach.. And he’s also been put on the grill by the fans, who really want to introduce him to them, to speak up after a defeat like that against Benfica or against Monza, but also like Villarreal or Porto: the last time in a post – the match that Agnelli put his face on was against Lyon to receive Sarri in a big way, with the exception of the match episode which was not played with Napoli a few weeks later. Fans wanted to see and hear him even after Salernitana, to demand respect and have their voices heard after a real injustice. We need a signal, a message, a decision. Because something has to be done, something has to be said. Even outside the walls of Contasa, Juventus demands it“.