Alfa Romeo leaves Formula 1? There is already an alternate “plan”.

After announcing its exit from Formula 1 at the end of 2023, Alfa Romeo will remain in the racing world. Here is where it will run.

The decision was up in the air and on the eve of the resumption of the F1 Championship at the end of the summer break in Spa became a reality. TheAlfa Romeo said goodbye Sauber and F1 Yet a partnership that would have yielded yes in advertising, but almost none in results.

Looking at the brand’s logo, a closure of cooperation with the Swiss team was unlikely and did not even create disappointment because the two cars have rarely made the top ten since 2019.

Alfa Romeo (ANSA)

Therefore, at the end of 2023, the curtain will fall on the project that was pushed and wanted by the then President of the Republic Fiat Chrysler Sergio Marchionnebut not to abide in competitions.

Alfa Romeo explains what to do after leaving the circus

As CEO Jean-Philippe Imbrato pointed out, there was no intention of jumping from one fund to another. Thus, Biscione preferred to stop and in the first half of next year we will know where he will compete.

The car changes incredibly fast“He said across the Alps.”From 2025, all of our new models will be electric. Whereas from 2027, production will be entirely electrified, with the exception of two hybrid offerings. It is therefore necessary to be free to be able to make all necessary assessments by 2024“.

Once the relationship with Arese ends, Team Hinwil will marry Audi. But how did it feel for Alfa to work in the F1 environment and especially with Switzerland?

We are completely satisfied. We talk to the team every week. From this process we got and are still getting an excellent return. I think he’s relatively the tallest in the ring“, a statement.

From here until the next twelve months, the Italian manufacturer will review every useful possibility of returning to compete with other automakers. There are three points he will not compromise: Italian style, sportsmanship and tradition.

We can never accept a commitment to a tournament that doesn’t align with our history, but everything else will be evaluatedThe director explained, except in contexts that have nothing to do with the beating heart of the brand.

In conclusion, the director commented on the technical revolution that will include power units used in the circus starting in 2026. Regulatory change for electric and environmental traction, which would bring the upper class of all-wheel drive vehicles closer to the ever-developing car market.

The selection of synthetic fuels corresponds to an extensive programme. However, the highest class has not only moved on this front. At the same time, work is underway on a new carbon-neutral logistics. something very positivereinforced the direction it took.

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Motorsport has realized that it cannot be separated from society“, commented.”Being a scientist who has always lived with the need to perform, when it comes to taking on innovative challenges, has always been and always will be able to impress. I’m sure the class leaders will succeed in their intentionsOptimistic brilliance.