Almost three hundred kilometers by bike in the name of the search. The Carabinieri launches ‘The Alternate of Hope’: Roberto Mancini at the start

Ancona – 5 cyclists and a runner of the Carabinieri left this morning, from the Romanian headquarters of the American Football Association in the presence of the technical commissioner of the Italian national football team Roberto Mancini, to complete the fourth stage of the Relay for Hope “Let’s Run. Champions “organized by the Città della Speranza Foundation The Carabinieri is sponsored. The athletes, arriving in Ancona in the late afternoon, face 285 km accompanied by the Carabinieri. Also in attendance were Carabinieri captain Giuseppe La Gala and CEO of the Città della Speranza Foundation, Luca Primavera. “I congratulate the organizers of Relay and Città della Speranza in general for their daily commitment to research. I am delighted to be able to contribute today and give my support to the Arma athletes who are facing a great cycling path, from here to Ancona, for a noble cause: keep going, you are a true example” said Roberto Mancini, technical expert commissioned for the Italian national football team.

The “Let’s Run Champions” relay is an essential initiative of Città della Speranza because it allows us to raise awareness of the reality of research, and to this end, the support of organizations such as FIGC and personalities such as CT Roberto is very important to Mancini to highlight the work of our researchers and the excellent results achieved over time. The Città della Speranza Foundation collects 10 million euros annually from private donations, thanks to which we can finance new projects, despite the difficulties that our sector also faces in this period, first of all with exorbitant energy. ” Luca Primavera, CEO of the Città della Speranza Foundation. “I am proud to have participated in the start of this phase of the Relay of Città della Speranza, which, thanks to the remarkable work done in recent years in favor of pediatric oncology research, has helped raise the treatment rates for childhood leukemia, leading to the current rate of 85%. , which is a bit like winning a world championship,” carabinieri general Giuseppe La Gala commented.

The “Let’s run the Champions” relay race aims to support children’s cancer research and is a central theme of the Città della Speranza Foundation, which is responsible for promoting scientific research against oncological diseases. The Solidarity Relay is dedicated to Professor Luigi Zanniscu, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, founder of Pediatric Oncology in Padua who sees athletes in the emblematic Carabinieri test tubes accompanying throughout Italy, along the path made by blood samples daily, to reach the research tower in Citta della Speranza and Pediatric Oncology Clinic in Padua. The relay will touch 8 different Italian regions until it arrives in Padua on September 17, where the token test tubes that crossed Italy will be delivered. The track will be faced by athletes, some of whom are Carabinieri national champions who represent our country in various sports disciplines and are eager to support research.

relay phases

Monday 12 September Marathon starts on the Taormina route Giardini Naxos – Messina – Villa San Giovanni – Sella
Tuesday 13th September: Tropea Marathon – Cosenza
Wednesday 14 September: Matera – Cycling stage in Naples
Thursday 15 September: Roma – Ancona Cycling Route
Friday 16 September: Riccione Bologna Marathon
Saturday 17 September: Ferrara – Padua Marathon.