Anti-crisis measures by Juventus and Inter

The Bianconeri can return to being “results”, the Nerazzurri needs an ancient identity

The races in Udine and Monza have clearly sanctioned that A crisis, perhaps irreversible, between Inter and Juventus. It was the classic straw that broke the camel’s back, but it was the latest in a shocking string of frustrating releases. For both the Nerazzurri and the Bianconeri. Team introverted, So far, he has not only hurt in the league against Spezia, easily beat only Viktoria Plzen, the amateur championship team. So dark evil – but not too dark – does not take into account the changes in Udine. This is a constant that has already appeared in pre-season friendlies. Juventus has been placed underAt the level of the game and at times in a humiliating way, almost all opponents have faced it so far. Only in the first half against Rome did he live up to the coat of arms. But the overly cautious attitude from Mourinho’s squad certainly contributed to those 45 minutes of glory. Remember the second half in Florence where the Bianconeri couldn’t get out of the three quarters? massacre. Shame. And what’s worse, it’s not an isolated reality.

JUVE has margins for improvement
Inter from Juventus
They lose the thread, the distances between department and department, when they find organized and aggressive opponents. They represent the other side of the Milan game which, on the contrary, runs, fights and presses in a coordinated manner, all at a pace still unknown to the Bianconeri and the Nerazzurri. Juventus, although little appears so far, It can have certain margins for improvement. Very petty because Allegri does not invent football but knows how to manage (or at least should) the resources that the club makes available to him. And speaking of resources, we can’t ignore the many “heavy” players in the mines, the pillars he had to do without. I refer mainly to loafer Di Maria, Pogba and Kizza. Let’s be clear, Juventus in recent times has nothing to do with the recent past swarm. But by improving the quality of the team and with it the sporting mode, Max can come back to being a “result”. Even if the condition is at least obligatory.

lost identity
Inter is turning around. It’s no longer Conte’s team, let alone Inzaghi’s team from last season. It is a hybrid with little overall quality (It didn’t take a genius to understand how much Perisic would lose) and with the game’s premise that rather than enhancing individuals’ strengths and characteristics, it highlights their flaws. He’s playing soccer pretending to make the game, but she always suffers from it. Attacking opponents put pressure on defenders and building from below – given to Skriniar’s or Dumfries’ jagged feet – becomes impractical. The alternative becomes the long ball. Which inevitably “lengthens” the pitch and thus the space that the midfielders must control. with the following (reproach, errors, amnesia) if the condition is what it is. There is no doubt that Simone Inzaghi went to the ball. But that’s when you realize that what was there (a year ago) is no longer there. Any attempt to make things right becomes a failure. The reference to changes in Udine is in no way accidental. Lukaku is missing, that’s right, and it’s not a trifle. But it is indispensable, then it will become so Inter are back in football Conte Which enhances its properties. This means: lower the center of gravity and create grasslands in the opposite half of the field. For Inzaghi, this means denying the recent past. But if the company hires Lukaku, instead of Dybala, that can only be the case.