Aragon Marc Marquez MotoGP: “I’m fine, but I’m not at the top: ready to stop in case of pain”

The Spaniard returned after the fourth operation: “After Mugello I did not expect it: the bone is fine, but my muscles are not at the top and with three doctors in front of me I will calibrate my strength. Honda? Everyone works hard, but the bike does not work well and it is far from Ducati and Aprilia “

It is the most awaited. Partly because he plays at home, and partly because his return is getting everyone’s attention at the pre-event conference for the MotoGP Aragon GP. Marc Marquez is back on the track more than 3 and a half months after Mugello, his last public award before he underwent a fourth operation on his injured arm at the 2020 Jerez Grand Prix, with the firm intention of not having to expose himself to physical pitfalls. reasons. “I’m happy to be back here for the race, I wasn’t expecting that after Mugello, but the intervention track went better than expected and step by step, here I am.”

Feelings to understand

However, talking about the goals is premature for Mark: “I worked a lot, had excellent sensations after the Misano tests, analyzed the healing of my arm and realized that there is a possibility to be here – says the Spaniard -. It was very important for me to be on the The bike and to train in the saddle and also to understand how the Honda go and to do it on the track you know has been a dream come true. Muscles work differently for years and it takes a while to understand how I’m going to find myself.”

honesty in terms of

Many believe that on a track very suitable for him, Mark can also fight for the podium: “I have a 1% chance of success: I am very far from my physical condition, because the muscles are far from the top, so Honda lives. A difficult moment and we are far from competitors, my goal Realistic is to close every weekend in the best possible way: If I had a lot of pain I’d be honest to say my terms and stop, but I don’t think here I’m going to have problems finishing the weekend. Stopping between Japan or Thailand, we’ll see based on how I feel. In winter I will understand my true level and what the maximum I can reach based on physical conditions.”

Honda problems

Then there’s the technical aspect, a crucial aspect of Honda’s performance, which shows Marquez for a priority role: “I want to try to give directions to Honda, but I’m not the one who has to regulate Honda. At Misano we tried a new Kalex missile that works differently, we worked Seriously, but we also realized that we are far from Ducati and Aprilia: we are all involved in the project, but we will need tools to fight for the championship. Where do we direct development? In Misano I felt that the bike does not turn as I would like it does not give signals from the front and therefore does everything With the stern: Overall the Honda is better than last year, but the others have grown more.”