At the first stop, he arrives in Naples as few expected

Lazio and Milan away, Liverpool at home. The three basic games for this first “job assignment” From the season for Napoli who arrives in the first leg unbeaten, first in the league (with Atalanta) and first in the Champions League group with full points.

The most complex races were won in three different ways, demonstrating the resilience that may have been missing in the most complex moments of last season. In Rome, Napoli won the comeback, getting rid of the malice of a complex and harsh start to the match. A quarter of an hour of chaos and then more than an hour of technical and tactical domination.

Colonel LiverpoolInstead, an unparalleled gala evening was organized, a victory achieved by combining tactical and sporting authority alongside high quality. In Milan a completely different scenario, thanks to the performance of the opponent. The short and compact Naples was lowered by twenty metres. Few goals and a lot of realism. A strategic and wise rewarding choice, new from the years when creativity seemed so much a way to disguise the inability to become more pessimistic and ruthless. At San Siro, an unprecedented tradition brought back a very improved deposition by Napoli in very important matches, such as Notice e Milanmanaged to make up for the absence Osimene it’s you Lozanotwo-thirds of the starting offensive trident.

Politano regained his shirt and self-confidence, resolving difficult situations (in Scotland and Milan) not only by scoring two heavy penalties, but by providing that tactical balance so dear to him Spalletti. more than the fourth, is very effective in the offensive phase, but is underway in that phase of self-control that will be critical when you reach it. In the attack, Simeone and Raspadori’s potion appears to follow the harmony of the entire eleven.

Both attackers seem to be playing together despite not being deployed at the same time. Their rotation in competition works as a single player. Raspadori moved on with Spezia to make way for Simeone in the midfield and the winning goal in the final minutes. In Scotland, an excellent performance cholito Whoever is sent off by an opposing defender gets a penalty and opens the doors to raids by his teammates by doubling the same Rasbadore he took charge of in the final. In Milan, Simeone took over the Raspadori and sealed the match with a superb goal after capturing the only weak point of his opponents in a defense that he arranged as infidels for Pioli to amend after two yellow cards in the first half cleared by the right wing. Rossoneri series.

Napoli’s primary nerve center is certainly an equal midfield efficacy, with three midfielders with different but perfectly complementary characteristics. lobotkaAnd the Anguissa e Zelensky It’s the perfect cross-complement, with the first to dictate the timing of the section that even Zelensky seems to have found so much yearning for continuity. All outstanding full-time listing of NdombeleThey are still looking for the right physical condition, but already with the obvious team size. The minutes played at the highest level in the Glasgow match are proof of that.

Rahmani e Kim Ensuring defensive solidity makes Napoli second in the league in terms of the number of goals conceded, along with Lazio and Juventus (directly behind Atalanta), with Ostegaard e John Jesus Which seems to give good guarantees when questioned. A defense that appears to be performing thinner will be able to enjoy a more reliable rotation on the left wing this season, given the gradual inclusion of olivera. bipolar Merritt Responds with facts to summer gossip.

Even in the Milan match, despite a greater tactical dip in the defensive phase, we saw Napoli constantly looking for a quick dribble. The preparation suffered from the defensive line until Lobotka was able to free himself from the pressure of the opponents. The depth that infidels were able to open is the end of the building that includes the central defense, fluidity, and mediators who have been called in to serve as the forge bank behind the attackers.

One of the most striking aspects of this first stage is how Napoli, also thanks to Spalletti and building the company from a new staff, has been able to solve the problems that in recent seasons have affected the team’s maneuverability in the restart phase. Now it’s as if the same approach from behind moves according to the timing of the restart. A mechanism, if well recorded and assimilated, can make a difference with many opponents.

Needless to say, nine games are few and the season has just begun. In a more difficult perspective to plan (a pause for the World Cup would be a new element) any assessment at this moment is temporary. However, there are still a host of signs that seem set to take root in this Naples. Even in regaining that enthusiasm that was lacking in some moments of past seasons. Napoli will have to prove their strength in difficult moments, but this can also be avoided by this attitude of the protective nature that Spalletti’s men have already shown in some situations that they are able to withdraw.