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The starting list for the relay team and when Italy starts

7.28 The Spaniards stay close to the Australians at the end of the first lap. 16’40” them (+28″) who can now use Lourders Oyarbide, Sandra Alonso and Idoia Eraso.

7.25 The Austrians reach the end. 2nd provisional time behind Australia at 17’19” (+1’07”). Anna Kissenhofer, Christina Schweenberger and Karina Schrempf take to the track.

7.22 Only young Spaniards have stayed close to the Australians at the moment. In the first mid-level, they were 8 inches behind. 27″ Too late for the Austrians.

7.20 16’12” Aussie time in stock, by far the best. Space for Georgia Baker, Alexandra Manley and Sarah Roy.

7.19 The three Ukrainian men replace the women with their best time, 17’41”. Now it’s up to Darina Nahulyak, Marina Varnik and Irina Semyonova.

7.17 Group B of four teams also closed with Spain.

7.16 Choosing a World Cycling Center reduces the best time at the finish line by more than 2 minutes! The triple made the difference with an excellent 38’46”.

7.14 Australia is in another category at the moment. Their first average time is 8’38”, 41″ better than Ukraine’s.

7.12 The Spanish men’s trio begins. The average age is too low for Oer Lazcano (22 years old), Raul Garcia Perna (21 years old) and Ivan Romeo (19 years old).

At 7.11 Ukraine sets the best time in the first middle with 9’19”.

7.10 New Caledonia doesn’t improve Tahiti’s time at the finish line, 42’08” for them.

7.09 The Austrian trio of Tobias Byers, Felix Gall and Sebastian Schoenberger started.

7.08 For Australians, the target could be a medal. You will need to perform well in front of your audience.

7.06 Meanwhile, Tahiti is the first national team to cross the finish line. Total time is 40’50”.

7.04 Followed by a roar, starting the Australian trio of Michael Matthews, Luke Blabb and Luke Dorberg, three men of a decidedly different caliber than those who have started so far.

7.02 who will then start will be the host of Australia, the first real national team that will give an important reference to the match.

7:00 The departure of three men from the Ukrainian national team. Vitaly Potts, Mikhailo Kononico, and Vitaly Novakowski.

6.57 three minutes into the start of the second block, opened by the Ukrainian selection.

6.54 The WCC Triple sets the best time in the first session with 18’06”. Now it’s the turn of Ethiopia’s Salam Omha (25), former national and continental champion, South African Maud Le Roux (25), and Algeria’s Nesrine Hawalli (19), the former Trials champion. Continental.

6.51 Samoans are the toughest, and they already have more than 4′ delay than the other national teams.

6.48 The WC trio significantly cuts time at first intermediate. 9’36” to them.

6.46 New Caledonia passes the year 18’29”, reducing the time of the Tahitians by 15″. Now it’s up to Manon Brasseur, Sandra Gayral and Patricia Themereau, who are 31, 40 and 44 years old, respectively.

6.43 The three men from Tahiti cross the finish line in 18’44”, leaving room for the female trio: Elodie Touffait, 42, Kylie Crawford, 37 and Tekau Hapairai, 44.

6.41 Once the start of the first block ends, the first intermediate units arrive. Currently, New Caledonia has its best first lap time on the Dumfries Street divide where the reference is placed with 9’53”, 5″ better than Tahiti.

6.39 The three men from the World Council of Churches are 19-year-old Algerian Hamza Ammari, Ethiopians Ngase Helu Abraha, 22, and Kia Rugura, 19.

6.36 Here is the representative of the World Cycling Center. A UCI initiative that aims to develop riders from regions of the world where they would not have the opportunity to do so.

6.34 For Samoa on the track, there’s Raya Khan, 37, and Gideon Mulitalu who was 18 years ago unlike Wally Collins’ 44.

6.31 Now it’s up to Team Samoa!

6.30 For Team Ocean Two, there’s 21-year-old Ryan Lachini, 26-year-old Florian Barkett and David Chavits, riding in their aging 44-year-old.

6.27 The New Caledonia Training Experience Begins!

6.26 The three Tahitian men are Taruya Kreiner, 31, who also passed for the Europcar team and took a win at the Paris Tours Under 23 in the Palms, Kahiri Endler, 25, and Teva Bolin, 39.

6.23 Here we are! The three men from Tahiti transfer the first riding rounds and start the mixed relay team for the World Championships in Wollongong 2022!

6.21 We are now close to the first start. Athletes from Tahiti are already celebrating by participating alone.

6.18 The total distance to be covered on the two courses is 28.2 km. First, the three men who passed the finish line would leave the “stick” to the three women who would complete the second course and test.

6.15 This is the list of the national teams with their starting players:

1. Germany

1 Heidemann Miguel
2 STEIMLE Jannik
3 ARNDT Nikias
4 Liberty Lian
5 KRÖGER Mieke
6 Romy Casper

2. Netherlands

11 Mollema Book
12 Van der Paul Mathew
13 Dan . refused
14 Marcus Reagan
15 Fan Fluten Anime
16 Van Dyck Ellen

3. Italy

21 related to Edoardo
22 Sobrero Matthew
23 Jana Filippo
24 Longo Borgen Elisha
25 Elena sniper
26 Gwazani victory

4. Switzerland

31 Schmid Mauro
32 Kong Stefan
33 Besiger Stefan
34 Chubby Elise
35 riocer marlin
36 Kohler Nicole

5. Denmark

41 Kurt Magnus
42 Honorable Mikkel Frolish
43 Berg Mikkel
44 Laith Julie
45 Corner Rebecca
46 Norsgaard Emma

6. Belgium

51 Van Hooydonk Nathan
52 Hermans Quentin
53 Siri Peter
54 wild jolly
56 Demi Valerie

7. France

71 Low Hits Eddy
72 Armirel Bruno
73 Cavagna Remy
74 black cow
75 days choral
76 Juliette Lapus

8. Poland

81 Jagdelowicz Matthews
82- Bodnar Maciej
83- Jerick Kasper
86 Jaskolska Marta

9. Spain

91 Lazcano Auer
92 Garcia Lig Raul
93 Romeo Evan
94 Oyarbed Lord
95 Alonso Sandra
96 goof attack

10. Austria

101 Bayer Tobias
102 Schoenberger Sebastian
103 Gal Felix
104 Christina Schoenberger
106 Karina SCHREMPF

11. Australia

111 Matthews Michael
112 Ivy Luke
113 Dorbridge Lock
114 Baker Georgia
115 Manley Alexandra
116 ROY Sarah

12. Ukraine

132 Kononko Mikhailo
135 Farinek Marina

13. WCC Team

141 Amari Hamza
142 Negative Energy ABREHA
143 Rogora Kia
144 AMHA Selam
145 EGP Raw Mode
146 HOUILI Nesrine

14- Samoa

151 Khan Shepherd
152 Collins Wally
153- Molitalo Gideon
154 Harris Blaine Pearl
155 Fire Jordan
156 Molitalo Orleans

15. New Caledonia

161 Lashini Ryan
162 Florian Market
163 Shavits David
164 Prior Manon
165 Geral Sandra
166 Thimeru Patricia

16. Tahiti

173 Voile Teva
174 TOUFFET Elodie
175 Crawford Kylie
176 the tenth of September

6.12 The first formation to go down on Track 28.2 will be the Tahiti formation at 6:23. Since then, departures will take place every 4 minutes in blocks of four national teams. The blocks will be divided into 25-minute breaks. The last group, with Italy and the other strongest teams, will move the first rounds from 8:14.

6.09 The fearsome Switzerland can also be included in the announced challenge between the Netherlands and Italy for the world title. Being able to field the dominators of recent European Championships Stefan Bisiger, Stefan Kung and Marilyn Rosser (the last two medals are already in the individual tests in Wollongong), they have strong ambitions for success.

6.06 If Germany could no longer count on the locomotives of Tony Martin and Lisa Brenauer, then the Netherlands, as always, brought an absolute standard: from Matteo van der Poel to Elaine van Dijk, passing by Bock Mollema and Animek van Vloten.

6.04 The three men in blue will be Filippo Gana, Matteo Sobrero and Eduardo Avigne, and the three women are Vittoria Guazzini, Elena Secchini and Elisa Longo Borghini. Training of the highest quality should aim for at least a medal.

6.02 The mixed race is proposed for the third time in the World Championships. On the first two occasions, the Netherlands and Germany split the first and second places with one victory each. Italy returned from bronze last year.

6.00 Friends of OA Sport, enthusiasts and cycling enthusiasts, Good morning and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the Mixed Team Relay valid for the 2022 Wollongong World Road Cycling Championship!

OA Sport friends, enthusiasts and cycling enthusiasts, Good morning and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the Mixed Team Relay for the 2022 Wollongong World Road Cycling Championship!

A fairly young race in the World Championship programme, which was only entered in 2019 and proposed this year for the third time, will face the best lineups in the world in an exciting and interesting event. The race will be held on the circuit used in the junior and under-23 time tests for a total distance of 28.2 kilometres, which will be handled alternately by a male and female trio.

Therefore, a test aimed at searching for the best training taking into account both sectors. Italy can only aim for high goals in the form it can handle. among men Filippo Gana, Matteo Sobrero and Eduardo Avigne. Three very pure specialists, although the team tested in a single time trial which was not excellent. For women, the situation is definitely not deteriorating, the ability to count Vittoria Guazzini, Elisa Longo Borghini and Elena Cecchini.

The hexa, with the introduction of Guazzini instead of Marta Cavalli, is the same that last year managed to reach the world bronze (plus European gold with De Marchi instead of Affini), behind only surprising Germany and the Holland. If the Germans appeared with a less powerful formation on paper than last year, the only names of Elaine Van Dyck, Anime Van Vaulten, Matthew van der Poel, Bok Mollema (to which Riejanne Markus and Daan Hoole must be added) indicates that oranges are dangerous. Switzerland is a very ambitious country Who can involve the referees of the recent European Championships in Stefan Bisiger, Marilyn Roesser and Stephen King. Denmark, Australia and France could play an outside role.

Testing will begin at 6.23 with the departure of the squad from Tahiti. Azzurri, third at the start of last year, will move the first ride at 8.18, before the Netherlands and Germany. OA Sport brings you the live broadcast of the Mixed Relay Team valid for the Wollongong 2022 Road Cycling World Championships, with minute-by-minute and real-time updates, so you don’t miss out on any of the excitement! do not miss!

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