Bagnaia: “On the last lap I didn’t feel like taking any risks”

The Ducati rider leaned in front of Enea Bastianini in Aragon, seeing his four-win streak cut short. But with Fabio Quartaro retired, it was very important not to make mistakes, so he was very careful in the final, making sure to reclaim a precious 20 length for rival Yamaha.

Sunday was accidental for Pico Bagnaia at Motorland Aragon. One of those where you don’t know if there is more happiness or frustration. The Ducati rider saw the end of his four-game winning streak, as he leaned in front of his fellow brand on the last lap Enea Bastianiniwho then avenged the defeat at the enemy that had been cured two weeks earlier at Misano.

However, the downside is that today’s one risks being a key stage in the title race, because second place coincides with the retirement of Fabio Quartararowhose race ended after a few hundred metres, hitting Honda Marc Marquez. With five races left, the gap in the standings is now just 10 points, which seems pretty small if you consider the Yamaha rider’s recovery in many races is 81.

Also in light of this, Pecco made it clear that he didn’t want to take the risk on the last lap, after Bastianini slipped him into turn 7. To get back in front of him, he had to cross the line and today it might have been better to think about the championship.

“Today I tried to do my best, but it wasn’t enough to win. I’m happy anyway, because in the last lap I didn’t feel like taking any more risks. Then Enea was very strong, so I respect him and his race. Fabio was unlucky to crash. On the first lap, but now I’m 10 points and that’s fine,” Bajnaya told Sky Sport MotoGP HD.

The Aragon race was almost a pictorial version of the Misano race, with the two Ducati drivers dictating the speed in front of every runaway. If in Romania he managed to stop the attack of Pestia, this time he was forced to surrender to his compatriot Gresini Racingwhere he saw himself being beaten for only a few thousand under the banner of squares.

Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team

Photo by: Gold and Goose / motorsports pictures

“He was stronger than me in T3. He managed to come out really hard in the 15th, but I knew I was stronger in the last corner. On the last lap I tried to stay close to him to take advantage of a small mistake, but it was difficult to get back to the front, just as it was an attempt Get over it for Enea in Misano.”

“In the last corner I tried to get as close to it as possible, trying to get more traction on the exit, but I couldn’t get past it again. Anyway, it was a great race, because it and I really did make the difference.”

When asked if he expected his future boxer’s attack to arrive directly at Turn 7, he added, “I wasn’t moving behind him, I didn’t know where he could attack me. In those two cases he studied a lot how to find a way towards me and he used it 100%.”

“He passed me once at the start of the race, but he immediately went away. I thought he would try in the eighth, but I felt very close to him also in the seventh. When I saw that he was trying to overtake I tried to cross but he was tight so I didn’t pass.”

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