beam of light. Expected return times

TurinA ray of light among the clouds. Before the sun rises and warms up, it will take some time, but after the storm that hit Juventus in September and still clouds the black and white sky, that beam is already a thing. Federico Chiesa expects itFinally, it is appropriate to say that after the striker’s return, which was scheduled for September in the summer – he himself said so – has been postponed. So much so that Massimiliano Allegri says he can only count on him from January onwards. And only in 2023, in fact, the best church will be seen, but in the meantime The coach and his teammates will soon see him again: at the beginning of OctoberIn fact, the blue is expected to return in part with the rest of the group, perhaps from Monday 3, after the match the day before against Bologna. This is, of course, provided personal work continues smoothly, as happened recently, after August’s left knee – performed in January for a cruciate rupture – forced a slowdown in recovery.

Church, healing times

Everything, however, is now going in the best way and Back in the group di Chiesa in October, even partially, Does not seem to question. And for the team that is certainly accusing the latest negative results on a mental level, as evidenced by the lack of reactions at Monza, neither to dismiss Di Maria nor unfortunately, to return to see one of its high-quality components on the field can indeed represent help in changing the mental attitude, rediscovering enthusiasm and positivity. A ray of sunshineIn fact, it appears among the black clouds which suggests the possibility of changing weather. To make it really change, then, Allegri and the players will have to pay attention to this, starting with the match against Bologna which should precede Chiesa’s return to the group.

Juventus is waiting for Chiesa

In order for Son of Art to be able to help them, it would be necessary to wait a little longer. January or less? January regarding returning to the field with a continuation from the first minute. It is difficult to make predictions now about what will happen before the break, as the player’s progress will be evaluated day in and day out. If there is no mishap, two weeks after the partial return of the group, then Around October 20, Chiesa will resume working with his comrades at full capacity: If he’s going to maintain his rhythms and intensity without problems, the possibility of seeing him again on the field at least for a few shots in the last games before the break cannot be ruled out. Far from being trivial, given that until the last three head-to-head confrontations with Lazio and Inter (6 and 13 November), the always difficult match in Verona (9) is punctuated by it. And to be able to count even for only half an hour A player who is able to score, assist with serve, and dribble would be a huge help For Juventus’ twelfth of shots made, last for dribbling attempts and third for last for percentage of successful shots (Wyscout data). This is why seeing Chiesa once again among them could raise the spirits and self-esteem of the Juventus players. As long as they beat Bologna the day before.

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