Bianchi’s drama wasn’t enough

The F1 circus provided the aura, but in the name of safety, which the FIA ​​so often invoked, mistakes like the one at Monza can be expensive.

Ironically, years after Jules Bianchi’s terrible accident, we’re here to comment on the scene of a crane in the wrong direction on the F1 track. Marking the centenary at the Monza race circuit, fans were disappointed with the final behind the safety car, but the main problems were other. The new rulers are not caught just not preparedI quickly got the safety car out in the wrong place, but the lever made everyone’s hair stand on end.

F1 Jules Bianchi (Ansa Pictures)

That would be enough to get circus leaders to consider a new post-Massie track, but the most dangerous aspect, in terms of safety, happened in the final laps of the Grand Prix with the lap of a crane. Daniel Ricciardo’s car stopped on the track, having slowly covered the first corner of LismoIt will require timely staff intervention. Meanwhile, drivers ran down the pit lane to change tires for a virtual final race. The last rounds could have been decisive, but the rules that were imposed after the destruction of Abu Dhabi, led to a different, but equally inappropriate ending.

In this case, the track rule was changed, giving Max the opportunity to overtake and beat Hamilton in the title fight, on the last lap. In this case, the errors were not decisive for awarding the crown, but they were heavy and troubling. At Monza, the ratings were frozen, even the square flag, without giving the drivers a chance to resume racing. In this case, it all started from the wrong position of SC in front of Russell. Additionally, vehicle removal procedures were slow and high-risk. Incredible photos of the crane in the wrong direction and cars just a few meters away. Is it impossible to lose control of a single seat under a safety car system? If you think so, you are very wrong because every year, many drivers stand out for stunt errors at low speed, behind the safety car. Unfortunately, the past did not know anything.

F1, the Bianchi tragedy must not repeat itself

In order for no new drama to happen again in Formula 1, the lever must never go in the wrong direction with respect to the direction the speeding car is going. We all agree on this, regardless of the Security Council, but a tragedy like that of Gol was clearly not enough. The FIA ​​explained:Although every effort was made to restore car No. 3 and thus be able to resume the race, The commissioners were unable to put the car in neutral and pushed it into the escape route. With recovery safety our only priority, the race is over at Safety Car, according to procedures agreed between the FIA ​​and all racers.“.

The conclusion of the race would also have taken place in full compliance with the 2022 regulations, but the errors are obvious. “The accident wasn’t big enough to call a red flag‘, explained the direction of the race, but it would have been fairer and safer to stop the drivers, and to follow the safety principles so dear to the new FIA president. The cars would resume racing, and put themselves back on the grid, all on a par. In hindsight, it was possible The correct action would also be on the occasion of the last round of the last championship, in Abu Dhabi. Certainly there were no casualties at Monza, but having the emergency vehicles on the track which presents an active hazard would have sufficed. The lever was there, so choosing to turn off made the most sense. Mistakes that could have had an impact in the event of a world’s face-to-face situation, unfortunately, accidents occurred. Montezemolo paves the way for Ferrari: that’s what Binotto should do.

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Leclerc applauds Ferrari: There was a reaction, but the disappointment lingers. Monza deserved a much better ending than the havoc we experienced. For the fans and the drivers this is a disappointment, but for Formula 1 it is a bad page, not as bad as Abu Dhabi, but in this case someone paid for their mistakes. Who will blame this time? Solutions to the problem can be multiple, even with endings fired with overtime NASCAR-style. Of course the cars would need extra fuel, but the truth is that a red flag would have put an end to any kind of controversy, respecting first and foremost the safety of drivers on the track.