“Blue can stun in the World Cup. In Italy, the problem is not only the engine” – OA Sport

Moreno Moser Talk at Sport2day Speciale Ciclismo, a weekly event hosted by Francesca Cazzaniga on Sport2U, OA Sport’s web TV: the former Italian cyclist, now Technical commentator Eurosport, plotted a Volta budget And talk about the next world Cup.

I Credit for this edition of Vuelta: “Excellent balance sheet, Remco Evenepoel confirmed himself as the hero everyone thought and showed he was a great rider on the stage, and in my opinion the nice find still little talked about is Ayuso, he was under 20 years old with the best and took third place in the Vuelta di Spagna, in my opinion, is impressive, almost more surprising than Remco“.

on me Quick-Step Contribution to Evenepoel’s Success: “It obviously has no structure for stage races in the sense that it never occurred to them to win a big lap and so it was a bit obvious that Evenepoel was often on his own, but what I often say is that anyway up and then they sprinted legs and proved it . We always talk a lot about the rise of the team but in the end the legs are the most important, so he did it alone“.

on me Roglic retired and took second place in the standings When stopping:He’s a rider who isn’t afraid to do that, even of making mistakes, so surely it would have given him a little more trouble than Mass, but I don’t think he could have won with the climb last week. I actually saw Mas, who was stronger than Roglic in real climbing“.

Another great career roll for Alejandro Valverde and Vincenzo Nibali: “Valverde pI’ve seen it in practice since I started watching bike racing. During the race I had time to stop in front of him and while Nibali has a closer relationship meaning we were also in the room together, he gave me some advice when I was in my freshman year, even if I was still young. very“.

On the New talent speed number of bikes:Can an under-23 team be eliminated, because at some point if a runner has a full maturity at the age of 19, why does he have to spend the years in an under-23 team? It can become a sport like swimming where you are between 16-17 if your body is ready to be among the greats, why not be?“.

but Italian youth Seen in action at the Vuelta: “It’s very hard to make any kind of prediction, because anyway if you were once imagining growth, now it looks like you’re really at 25 to 26, so if you pick some kind of path, these are now strong, really really strong, they do it on immediately. However, the Italians are thick riders and would have a great career, but if we’re looking for a rider who can win the stage race, the Grand Tour and the Tour de France, I think he’s probably not a pro at the moment.“.

The Possible causes For these differences:Some riders work so hard as beginners that they reach the age of 19 already regulated, already with the work and the foundation to compete at high levels. In Italy these things are missing here, we still have the idea of ​​building a plan, I don’t know what’s really going on, it’s very difficult to understand. It seems strange to me that it’s just a matter of the engine“.

On the Men’s online quiz for the World Cup: “I’m very confident in Bagioli, because it was really top level racing in Montreal, but when you’re staying on the top slopes it means the engine is running so who knows he or anyone else could come up with something really important“.

I Favorite World Championship Race: “The Belgians are hardly surprised, because in any case they have a very strong team to read the race. Surprise can come if an escape from the trash into which all the components of the national teams get into is created by chance and for some reason someone says “Okay, let’s go”. This thing can always happen in the World Cup, because anyway it’s a strange thing, it’s the only thing without the radio, and then there are a thousand dynamics that can appear in the World Cup“.

Video interview of Francesca Casanega with Moreno Moser

Photo: La Presse