Bologna – Empoli 0-1: Bandinelli’s goal

An excellent start for the Tuscans who are close to scoring with the Lammers. In the 75th minute, the midfielder’s goal comes with a pass from Henderson. Arnautovic’s post and Zirkzee crossbar in the 90th minute

Two poles from Arnautovic and a crossbar from Zirkzee aren’t enough to take away the joy of Empoli who took their first win of the season and also deserved it. Zanetti legitimized the three points with a straightforward and safe game throughout the race, touched the advantage three times already in the first minutes and tapped it in the half-hour into the second half with Bandinelli, good at slipping into the chaos created by Skorupski and Posch with poles in center to serve as an air wing. Bologna for Motta is not accurate yet: 4-2-3-1 showed flaws, gaps and not the aggression the coach wanted. In short, it’s clearly a messy mix and hard to read.

all empoli

The predictions were correct: Motta went 4-2-3-1 and moved Medel in midfield, launching his first central pair Posch-Lucumì with De Silvestri (who came back from 1′) and Cambiaso at his side. Zanetti creates the supposed lineup but with Bagrami instead of Biaca and a system that separates Marin in front of the defense to score 4-1-3-2 with the attacking pair Lammers (which immediately brings danger to the 5′ parade, Skorupski) and Satriano. For Thiago Motta, this is the absolute first appearance on the bench in Bologna and the start is much more than Empoli: Cambiasso loses a ball (7 minutes) on the edge of the area and Satriano exploits it until Skorubsky’s parade of foot again. Which should be repeated, for a third in 10′ back over the Lammers after a terribly short ball into Posch’s back pass. Bologna starting in a daze, Empoli decided it was an extravagance. Thiago Motta failed to see what he wanted, the high pressure, the instant recovery of the ball, the covers that Barrow and Orsolini were not used to chasing: all this also and above all thanks to the Tuscans who maneuver quickly and find themselves and also exchange positions, creating game alternatives. Zanetti was right: Empoli has made but how difficult it is to finish it … Within three minutes Orsolini interferes with Vicario, then the home team begins to grow: man on man, the immediate search for the ball back but the spark was not seen from the Polish side for the whole half the first. Better than Empoli: beyond any fault (apart from the proceeds of Furore-Parisi), in the middle always finds free companions, adding to the anxiety of Bologna who still represents a common ground between many concepts between the past and the present.

pole and crossbar

Bolognese’s warning could ring twice at the dawn of the second half: referee Volpi awarded a penalty to Stojanovic’s arm (wide) on a cross from Cambiasso who, however, received the ball earlier offside: Nasca, in Var, arranges everything. The same a few minutes later: a quick combination with Orsolini’s last shot (saved by Vicario, 16 minutes), but Barrow helped everything into an “illegal” situation. But after half an hour it all opens up: a cross pass from the right by Henderson, Bush and Lamers upsets Skorupski’s exit, and the ball ends up with Bandinelli and Empoli’s interference advantage. deserve. Bologna reacts but does not get past a pole dropped by Arnautovic (77 min) and a knee crossbar from Zirkzee (90 min): very little against Empoli who – unlike Bologna – always knows what to do and how to hit.