Can porpoises be abolished? At Aston Martin they have the solution

The leitmotif of the first part of 2022 was porpoise. But for the Aston Martin Vorbatto technician, there is a solution.

The first races of the current championship saw one advantage over the other subjects: this is annoying porpoises that for a while on one seat turned into dolphins. It has happened hundreds of times for us to notice from aboard various cars that the constant commuting is annoying even to the eye only. Obviously, for those in the cockpit, the feeling is even worse. And in fact, at the invitation of some stables, mercedes in the head FIA He made changes to the regulation. By imposing strict controls on the flexibility of components.

Aston Martin F1 (Ansa Pictures)

If that wasn’t enough, in 2023 new legislation was put in place that required the vehicle’s floor to be raised from the ground 15 mm higher than the current floor.

But was the Fed really necessary? Especially. How could F1 teams, and therefore some of the best racing series, not have been able to foresee that this problem would arise with the transition to ground impact?

Aston Martin technician has the answer

Those questions were asked from to Verdona’s chief engineer Luca Furbatto, who admitted that everyone underestimated the case.

We thought that with modern tools, such as CFD, it would be possible to understand their nature significantly and in any case sooner than we actually could.He said explaining how surprised the teams were in some cases. Among them, of course, is the star.

What makes the story more complicated is the instability of the phenomenon. cut it off “It happened Friday of free practice without the car jumping. But then, on Saturday, a change in wind direction caused pumping to resume. We’re really talking about small perturbations in the flows. However, it is able to microscopically affect the aerodynamic behavior of the car“.

Storms, humidity and changes in temperature may be the three main reasons that worsen the condition of porpoises. “Changes in tire inflation pressure should not be ruled out eitherThe 50-year-old continued the analysis.

Speaking of regulatory changes that will come into effect next year, previous McLaren, Toro Rosso and Sauber Underestimate it.

The only way to reduce flow sensitivity is to touch the bottom of the device itself“The key to the solution.”On the other hand, the new rules will not affect the concept of the car“.

Since these are slight differences related to the so-called “ride height”, according to the skills of the Piedmontese people, we will not see a revolution in the form and substance of cars. “In general, it communicates with this old-fashioned‘, he finished.

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So we should expect cars very similar to those currently in use. And the tremors, which have been presented in recent weeks in the Silver Arrows, may be repeated to recover after the disappointing start to the tournament. away from Red Bull E FerrariThe German team used the first package of federation reviews to reduce the performance deficit.