Conte and Tottenham pounced between the blue goalkeeper and Juventus

for every Donnarummaafter performing against Hungary I finally capitalized it and at the levels I liked during Euro 2020 (When he was elected player of the tournament), the qualities in after a day they got lost. Giant, exhilarating, formidable. The technique and mentality that Gigio was able to demonstrate on the pitch, in the blue … Read more

Juventus and Pogba interview with GQ: Return, injury and relationship with Allegri

The French midfielder to GQ: “I’m used to running rumours, it’s part of the game. Positivity and a smile, I’m working hard to get back as quickly as possible. However, I had no doubts, Torino is my place” “I promise to the fans that I will work hard to get back on the pitch as … Read more

Kim Min Jae is the defender who never loses his place

The perfect buy for post coulibaly. He defends like few others. It still needs improvement, especially in the construction phase, and it has a lot of margins ahead of it Mp Firenze 08/28/2022 – Serie A Championship / Fiorentina-Napoli / Photo by Matteo Babini / Image Sport Pictured: Kim Min Jae past, future Kim Min … Read more

Exciting reaction after Portugal and Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo He did not hide his frustration after eliminating Portugal by Spain, in Braga, in the League of Nations. At the end of the match, the captain of the Lusitania team threw the captain’s armband, as he did on other occasions due to the unpleasant events that occurred while wearing the national team shirt. … Read more

Juventus, Salernitana, Gravina and Rocci are still adamant!

Still with this story? After two and a half weeks A dramatic error that cost Juventus two points, FIFA and referees are defending themselves with the same awkward justification that prevailed after Juventus-Salernitana. They make a mistake regardless of the evidence, and in order to protect themselves they make accusations of exploitation and confuse it … Read more

Rocchi explains well the “inverted”. Liao and the benefit of staying Italian. Rebek can become indispensable At the premiere of the docu-film “We Were Well Together” there was a strange absence: among the many heroes, Paolo Maldini and representatives of the Rossoneri club were missing. Mysterious and incomprehensible. There’s an excerpt from Rocchi’s entry, the Series A and B canister selector, that’s worth considering. This is what follows. The Italian … Read more

Nations League, nothing but smoke and mirrors: Italy only continues because other national teams are thinking about the World Cup

The great victory overEngland. Victory in the house of the scary Hungary by Urban. First place in the group and the final four The League of Nations It will be played next June When. All the smoke is in the eyes: Italy wins the tournament in which the others will participate Qatar contempt. Nothing has … Read more

Rome, Totti and the 46th Birthday Party: The Children and Noemi, the First After Elari

The former Roma captain celebrated his anniversary over dinner with his best friend. Complicated weeks of parting await him The first Christmas without Ellari Blasi, the second without beloved father Enzo: two forests, though distinctly different, in the life of Francesco Totti, who yesterday celebrated his 46th birthday. The idea of ​​his father, the “honorable”, … Read more

“Girelli is not at his best physically!” , then reply to Grosso

Atmosphere Montemoro and Pauline Berod Magnin and Sarah Gunnarsdottir Intervened Press Conference At the end of the 2-0 win against cooking That move to the group stage Women’s Champions League. These are their words: Montemoro “The value of having midfielders who add goals is important on the course of the year. We have KarusoTonight we … Read more

KOGE 2-0: Gunnarsdottir and Cantor led the Bianconeri to the group stage of the Champions League for the second year in a row.

90′ + 3 The game ends here. The Juventus women’s team won 2-0 thanks to goals from Gunnarsdottir and Cantor and got the pass to the group stage of the Champions League for the second year in a row. 90′ Three minutes of recovery 85 & # 39; Another change for Juventus: Linzini out, Nelden … Read more