Chaos could break out in F1 soon

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto wanted to send a clear message to the opposing team. There is something new that can make a difference.

The battle between Red Bull Racing and Ferrari doesn’t just happen on the track. A lot happens in Formula 1, on lazy days, between one race and another, in the button-room and in the polemic duels, reported by the newspapers, between team managers. Mattia Binotto, in this regard, tries to be able to take on two foxes, such as Christian Horner and Toto Wolff. Political power changes the balance even in F1That we have seen in recent years due to technical and organizational controversies. Mercedes and RB, without a doubt, made the difference, rising to a leadership role.

Mattia Binotto Ferrari (Ansa Pictures)

If F1 Ferrari is respected, then for historical merits and the name, the “young teams” of the new millennium have upset the circus. Red Bull Racing has become an absolute standard. The team requested and got an engine freeze, after Honda’s fake exit, and was able to get all the other teams on, thanks to the economic crisis. For Milton Keynes, this was the start of a new cycle. Mercedes, in the era of Formula 1 hybrid cars, has dominated long distances and widely for 8 years, thanks to the exceptional position of Toto Wolff. One man under the leadership of a team capable of rewriting the historical records of the first category of motorsport. A Ferrari? After the secret agreement with the FIA ​​for 2019, the Scuderia had to wait years to get back on its feet again.

After two and a half years of fasting, the Maranello team is back to intimidate their rivals thanks to a successful project. The F1-75 wing car immediately proved a winning car, and the main concerns arose, and were confirmed during 2022, by the budget cap and the porpoise issue. On a realistic level, the Reds suffered a double political defeat. The regional office has developed and spent a lot, in a state of uncertainty and lack of controls. Hog hunting that hit W13 in the early part of the season has been canceled, for phantom safety reasons, following the introduction of the porpoise control directive. Rebounds were limited, right after the summer break. Now the question has moved to a new question. Formula 1, Toto Wolff contrasts with Binotto: controversy erupts at Monza.

Formula 1, Binotto raises his voice

Pierre Gasly, a talented member of the AlphaTauri team, is about to move to the Alps to make an all-French couple with Ocon. Helmut Marko, after years of investing in the RB Academy, would be keen to sign Colton Hertha. In 2022, the Indycar talent reached the podium on two occasions, winning the Indianapolis race. 2020 was his best year with his third place in the standings. He definitely showed he got what it took, but he didn’t earn the points needed for a super license. In March 2019, Colton set an early record, becoming the youngest race winner in IndyCar history. Too little for the FIA-mandated rules to access the prestigious F1 Circus. Ferrari, Sainz shout at Monza: There is only one regret left.

According to recent rumors, the president of the FIA, Mohamed Ben Sulayem, would have decided not to grant exceptions, on the contrary, by following the rules set by the International Sports Code. Except in cases of force majeure, the 22-year-old American will not be able to race on the AlphaTauri Junior Team in 2023.”At the moment, Pierre Gasly has a contract with us for next season, as I have said many times. Regarding the possibility of Colton Hertha getting a super license to race in Formula 1, I hope so The FIA ​​will make the decision as soon as possible so we know what our squad will be for next year And prepare accordingly. The final decision on our drivers is by Red Bull, but I still believe that if Herta fails to get the super license, Gasly will stay with us and nothing will change.Team boss Franz Tost commented, as reported by

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Mattia Binotto intervened and warned the regional office. “I think force majeure cannot be applied in the case of Colton Hertha, This would be a completely wrong approach. I believe the rules have been put in place to protect our sport and ensure the best choices are made with the right approaches and processes. Herta can participate in the Formula 1 Championship if he has the requirements to do so, otherwise he will not. I think all this is very important and we will certainly look closely at what the FIA ​​decides on this matterI think every team will do the same. This is because of the importance of our sport and we cannot invoke force majeure reasons in a situation that certainly cannot be applied to it.Raad Al Mohandes from Lausanne