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We started talking about the renewal of Stefano Pioli’s contract, which expires at the end of this season in June 2023. He is happy and proud to remain on the bench of the Rossoneri, so the renewal until 2024 will end up as a formality, allowing the coach (today in 145 matches) to reach the border with the top 5 Rossoneri coaches, after Rocco. (459), Ancelotti (420), Viani (376), Capello (300) and Liedholm (280), but ahead of Sacchi, is now sixth (220).

The merits of Pioli in the growth of Milan are obvious and recognized by all, but even after winning the Scudetto, the Rossoneri club waited for the season to start Before addressing the renewal issue with the coach. Just like last year, when the deal was struck in November. A healthy precaution, just to understand that the wind always blows in the right direction.

Just to ask for clarification on the transfer of ownership – because of a club that has millions of fans – and on a board of directors that still represents Elliott in the majority, someone considers us hostile to the management that the American fund makes for Milan. Nothing is more precise, if it is true that we are here to point out, confirm and commend what seems to us a wise and timely decision, And above all comparing it to the distortion that again manifested itself in Inter for a similar question. Because it is clear that errors do not always teach anything. We always encounter the ‘old’ way of making the transfer market or running a club, superimposed on a ‘new’ and more ‘sustainable’ method.

Simone Inzaghi’s contract also expired in June 2023, but in the summer, a few weeks after the end of the season, Marotta offered him a renewal until 2024, The same amount that Pioli has not yet discussed, with a rich salary adjustment, which rose from 4 to more than 5 million net. A clear sign that for the club the manager has largely passed the first year exam. Not so for the critics, the fans and maybe the team (Calhanoglu dixit). Why sign on June 21 and not wait to see how the season will resume? To guess the direction of the wind?
Most likely, Marotta wanted to give a signal of confidence to the coach, or maybe even make him accept a possible team downsizing, which then did not happen in a balanced way. It remains that after losing the Scudetto in the sprint (but winning two cups against Juventus), Inzaghi immediately got what Pioli didn’t have, who won the championship instead.

Spalletti’s contract expired in August 2018 in June 2019 and was extended for two years (not by Marotta), until 2021. Pretty much, because in January 2019 Conte was already transferred, who will then arrive in July. As for this Spalletti, who offended him, he remained on Inter’s payroll until the last day, and also abandoned the Milan offer, in October 2019: he earned 4.5 million for two years, without risking anything, much more than he would have combined with Milan. A mistake that cost Inter a total of 18 million, but apparently did not suggest another path for the Nerazzurri managers, who faced the issue of renewal with Inzaghi, immediately after the championship, one year after the expiration of the contract. Another mistake, given how the season started, with the wind direction changing. It is true that Inter still have plenty of time to recover (they are two points behind Milan, but not only from the order in which they were judged at the start of the Nerazzurri), but what damage has been done to renewing the contract even just at Christmas. the coach ? Thus, the serious risk is that any technical decisions are hostage to the financial statements in deep red.

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