Cunning: ‘Bumps beat like Coanda exhaust’ – Formula 1

Sloping bellies, double bottom, zigzag sides, lateral zero. 2022 saw a proliferation of terms used to refer to sides, the main element of visual differentiation on the new generation of individual seats and the theme of development during the current season for various teams. Among them is Aston Martin, a team that revolutionized the super aerodynamics of the AMR22 starting in Barcelona, ​​adopting a concept similar to that proposed by Red Bull. This last turn A revival of solutions already appreciated in the past from Formula 1like other philosophies prevalent in Fleet 2022.

Luca Forbato, Aston Martin Engineering Director, summed up a The path that led to the team adopting the philosophy with sides sloping backwards: “I started at Aston Martin in January and found this concept to be very similar to that of Alfa Romeo, the team I came from. At the concept level of the machine it makes perfect sense and fits in. He said, Even before the presentation of Red Bull we started to change the concept of aerodynamics at the show, because we’re starting to see some flowing behaviors that worry us. We brought in Barcelona this new car that looks very similar to Red Bull, but was already on the show in February. The shapes are in the end, I think in a couple of years the machines will look very similar.”

Furbatto underscores how much models have already been seen in the past in the class that harken back to current Formula 1. “In addition to the ‘Red Bull Concept’, this philosophy can also be called battered bellies, like the one that was in Coanda exhausts a few years ago, so it’s not really an absolute novelty. On the other hand, the Alfa Romeo concept, with its deeply hollow bellies, was not Different from the 2011-2012 Toro Rosso, which was then the daughter of the 1992 Ferrari double bottom. In the end, the topics are always the same. We understood that this was not the best method for us and focused development on this solution. It’s been pointed out a lot that our car is similar to Red Bull, but in the launch car we came out with this “mustache” on the crossbar, which was quickly copied to us by Ferrari and Red Bull. However, there are clear details. I don’t think it’s too shameful to take a hint from others, as did Williams, who moved toward a very similar concept. I’ve noticed the details that show how we inspire each other. I think sooner or later someone will bring our back wing as well, that’s part of the game.” The Italian engineer concluded.

FP | Carlo Platilla

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