Cycling, Gran Fondo World Championships in Trento: Lungo wins again

Great show with more than 2,000 cyclists from 60 countries. The 63-year-old French champion has been an era for women’s cycling: eight world championships. Sunday is the highlight with Granfondo and Mediofondo

The show continues in Trento for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championship, thanks to the collaboration between APT Trento Monte Bondone, Trento Eventi Sport and the organizational responsibility of Maurizio Evangelista: a date with more than 2,000 cyclists from 60 countries, who brought back the spirit of preeminent Europeans at the Trento 2021 Cycling Championship that Sony Colbrelli won.

stopwatch On Thursday there were time trials with 561 athletes at the start over a distance of 19.6 km. “Being here and participating in the World Cup is first and foremost a reason to meet again, to be together again to ride a bike together”: text and music by Jenny Longo, who has won eight world elite championships and who in Trento won again in the amateur category, age group 60-64 years old. He raised his nose to 29’55” (he says, “I wanted to finish under the first 28,” but a smile is the smile of someone having a nice day, especially those who are right where they want to be. Among the athletes who walked the two courses, morning And in the evening, on the starting slope in Alber, the representatives of Mongolia too, who took advantage of the Italian trip to present Trento to a newborn for a few months.

Italia Italy’s first two titles also reached Trento: Marches Giampaolo Busbani (45-49 class) and Romania’s Maria Cristina Prati (55-59 years old). But the most beautiful message is the one from Arthur Duncan, who arrived in Trento straight from South Africa with a record already in his pocket, the oldest competitor’s record at the start, aged 87. In his age group (85-89), there is no one else. At the end of the chronometer the time is 48’32”, but that’s enough: ‘I gave it my all, and it was great. What makes me proud is that, at my age, I was able to succeed for myself. I hope to be an inspiration to many.”

relay Friday’s meeting with Team Relay, the team relay that compared 22 national teams in teams of four, shared a loop of about 2 km around the Le Alpere area. To win the test was Slovenia 1 formed by Laura Simink, Hren Ales, Dean Pratos and Bogsa Uros; Silver for Germany 1 and bronze for Belgium 2.

tan Today, the most awaited side event, the Sportler-backed Charly Gaul Time Experience on Monte Bondone, is also open to athletes who do not qualify for the World Championships. Starting at 6pm, registered runners at sunset will tackle the famous cliff climb from Sardanya to Fasson (13.6 km with a height of 1,048 metres), celebrating the legend of the great Luxembourg hero and also the tradition followed in the past by “La Legendary Charly Gaul”.

Sunday The grand final of the World Championships will arrive in Trentino on Sunday, when it starts at 10 am over 1,600 participants in Granfondo (143.8 km, 3900 m) and Medeofondo (86.8 km, 2,218 m) of Le Albert. Difference in height): Also in this case, the absolute protagonist will be Monty Bondon, whose participants in Granfondo will have to climb from two different sides – first from Aldeno, then from Sopramonte – and finally a third time to Candriai, a turning point, when only 13 km separate them from the end