Cycling World Championships How the road system changed in Trento on Thursday 15

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First day of racing Thursday 15 September Changes to the roads will be:

  • From 8.45 am to 11.45 am and from 1.45 pm to 4.45 pm: Ban on transit and parking at corso del Lavoro e della Scienza, Via Sanseverino, Via Jedin, Via al Desert, Via del Ponte, Via Stella, Provincial Route 90, Provincial Route 21 Via della Gottarda, Via Nazionale, Via San Vincenzo, Via Madonna Bianca, Via Degasperi, Via Jedin, Via Sanseverino, Via Monte Baldo, corso del Lavoro and della Scienza, Via Olivetti.

▪ CRITICAL IMPORTANCE: Road closures mean that traffic is blocked in the cities of Ravenna, Romaniano, Matarello and the southern part of the city (via Degaspre) at the times indicated. School transport is guaranteed and public transport routes in urban areas are modified. Outside of the time periods, traffic is not subject to restrictions either in terms of commuting or public transportation.

The ring road will always be passable but entrances and exits No. 1 (Matarello), 3 (Ponte di Ravenna through the desert) and 4 (San Severino-Geden) cannot be used.

▪ During times of closure there will be inconveniences to the inaccessible and productive and artisanal activities of Ravenna, Matarello and via Degaspre.

▪ Also from 8.45 to 11.45 and from 13.45 to 16.45 the urban public transport service will be suspended in Ravenna, Romaniano, Matarello and the part of the city affected by the road (via Degaspre).

▪ The Crm of Mattarello is closed on Thursday 15th September.

The car parks on Via Sanseverino and the car park of Via Bartale It will be closed to the public and available to the organizing committee of the event, the first only on Sunday 18 September, and the second from 15-18 September.

Parking remains available for Ex Italcementi (accessed from Lung’Adige San Nicolò near Motorization using side lane 5 from Tangenziale), Canestrini, Monte Baldo and former Zuffo (accessed through Doss Trento or from the roundabout via Berlino).

Similar measures will be adopted in the areas affected by the installations and especially in the approval area for the start and end of races.

Public transport. During the championship days, measures will also be taken to change or suspend public transport races in urban and non-urban areas, according to the Trentino Trasporti schedule. All approved measures can be consulted on the Trentino Trasporti website and on the dedicated applications.

To ensure an additional communication and information tool for citizens, from September 12 from 7.15 to 18.45 it will be active in the local police operations center (in Trento). Dedicated phone number 0461 889400which will work in conjunction with the Public Relations Office (of the Municipality of Trento) (0461/884453 884005 – toll-free 800 017615) to answer questions from citizens and businesses.