Defense no evening. Diesel Theo, De Kettleri and Giro flashes give soul

These are the Milan-Napoli 1-2 report cards:

Meganan 6: Politano’s penalty kick, which he did not pay very well, passes under his body: unfortunately, he could have done better. His head was electrocuted by Simeone, and it was impossible to intervene. For a rest routine, even if it’s a bit imprecise with the feet.

Calabria 6: Without Leao on the left, Milan initially push a lot on his side, and Davide certainly isn’t holding back. A clever and courageous match against a strong and very suitable opponent: Kvaratskhelia only jumps him once and knocks him to the ground, and he is warned. Replaced by Pioli in the first half (from 46 minutes. Destination 4.5: His first start at the San Siro in the first division is not the best, to put it mildly. He makes himself a sharp jump off Kvaratskhelia and makes a foul in the area, for the penalty kick that completely changes the match deadlock).

Kjaer 6: He was expected to play with Kalolo, and instead Peuli chose Simon from the start alongside Tomori. Raspaduri never worried him, Kvaratskhelia a little more: in 18 minutes he made the Georgian understand that he could not pass, even with misfortune. Careful, the coach takes him out in the first half (dal 46′ rabbit 5: He was not particularly stressed in the defensive stage, but in the 85th minute he had a golden ball on his feet 2-2, and unfortunately he shot it on the crossbar from an excellent position).

Tomori 5: The not-so-excellent period continues for the English midfielder, who completely lost Simeone by 2-1 and allows him to hit his head undisturbed into the center of the penalty area.

Theo Hernandez 6.5: It’s diesel, but when it starts it’s hard to stop. His penetration, which de Kettleri rewards, and a cross pass from the bottom leads to a 1-1 moment by Giroud. One of the last to give up.

6 tones: A duel with Anguissa is one of the tricky duels, but Sandro certainly doesn’t look bad. In the first half, he became an extra attacking midfielder but never found the right lane. He also tries to the end.

Ben Nasser 6.5: Despite the result, the stalemate of the match was always in favor of the Rossoneri, thanks primarily to him. I always drive at full speed, fight with Zielinski and run well all the balls that fall within range. A very positive performance that gives continuity to what was shown in the Champions League on Wednesday. Finally showing some angles and I’ve been hit really well.

Saelemaekers 6: A good first half from the Belgian, who with Calabria is giving a lot of trouble to the Napoli defense on his side of the field. He can’t find a starting point or decisive play, but he makes a great hand even in the back (since 65′ Messiah 5: Never enter the game, it is technically inaccurate. Well prepared by De Ketelaere but shoots right in the middle of Meret’s gloves).

De Kettler 6.5: Sleek and a bit shy at first, it opens up as the minutes go by. In the first half, he was superbly prepared by Krunic, and provided chocolate in the area to Calabria, however, Giroud intercepted it with an unexpected shot from the scorpion. Well in the second half, when he sent Theo in deep for the momentary equalizer for Giroud. It makes a great suggestion that Messias doesn’t take advantage of it. (from 82 Adly sv).

Chronic 6.5: Replacing Leao is almost impossible, but Rade offers maximum offensive maneuvering: plenty of runs, insertions and two gold balls, one for Giroud (Miracle Meret) and one for De Ketelaere (unused cross in the middle). Bosnian Excellent Test (from 65′ Diaz 6: Enter and animate the game in its hybrid mode. He gravitates around Giroud and CDK, thus clearing the lane for Theo which leads to a momentary tie. puzzling, like everyone else, in the end).

Jerrod 7: Play, run, tap and keep recording. He plays the whole game with strong bones like Rahmani and Kim, working out of the bank and in the deep, head and foot. In the first half, Merritt miraculously denied his goal, and in the second half he made the maximum help with the kiss of Theo. In the final he touched it just enough to give Kalulu an exciting goal ball, but the midfield doesn’t take advantage of it. He gave his soul.

6 pegs: It’s impossible not to give the coach enough, although a quick turnaround in the Calabria d’Est put the match on the wrong track. He is preparing well for the match, leaving no reference points for Spalletti with Krunic’s moves first and Diaz next. The team followed him and deserved to leave San Siro at least with a draw.