Ducati’s shadow of the future

The day has finally arrived, Marc Marquez ready to test himself for the Grand Prix after his fourth surgery on his arm. The MotoGP Speedway finally embraced its champion after exiting the Misano test on September 6-7, when he tried to get back in the game with Honda a hundred days after entering the operating room.

One Hundred Days by Marc Marquez

Marquez played his last race in Mugello on May 29, and on June 2 surgery was performed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, by prominent surgeon and traumatologist Joaquin Sanchez Sotelo, who performed a humerectomy to correct 30% rotation in the bone. After an absolute break, he underwent regular checks every six weeks, at the end of August the green light to get back on the bike. Marc Marquez resumed training normally, earning his CBR600RR before taking part in two days of MotoGP group testing last week in Misano. Once in San Marino, he got into medical center fitness and completed a hundred laps in a best time of 1.31.642, just over half a second off the absolute track record.

Return to Aragon

Early Tuesday afternoon, the Commission on Human Rights issued a press release, on Instagram, a video that returns. “Hey everyone, if you see me smiling, it’s because I’ll be in Aragon, and obviously I’m racing. After talking to the doctors and my team, we decided the best way to recover was to ride a bike and do the miles for next year. Doing this at Aragon GP is invaluable to me – Recognized eight-time world champion -. I can’t wait for Friday to ride my bike and… at full speedOne of Marc Marquez’s mascot tracks, MotorLand has won six victories here (five in MotoGP), so much so that they assigned him the 10th inning with the ant, his symbol,

MotoGP from other levels

The Cervera rider’s second career begins here, and the humerus will soon be just a memory, as well as the pains so far caused by the bone irregularities. We need to get his strength back and his physical condition back to allow him to get back to competing on the podium, as well as the RC213V up to the occasion. The MotoGP Championship has reached unprecedented levels, and the rider’s ability is no longer enough to make a difference. You need a prototype that perfectly meets his demands, a better front-end feel and smoother cornering. Marc Marquez returns to a hot stage of the World Championships, where he can change the balance for one rider or the other. Alex Espargari explained it a few weeks ago: “I hope you can help me, trying to destroy the plans of red bikes“.

But the real objective of “Cabroncito” is to prepare a winning package for 2023 and prepare for the next tournament. In the past six races it is forbidden to take risks, to avoid unnecessary falls, transparency is an outstanding problem like the sword of Damocles. There are two more seasons to decide the future: 2024 is approaching and Marc Marquez and Honda will have to decide whether to continue together or share their paths. The second hypothesis cannot be ruled out at all: with the arrival of Jaime Martinez the Commission on Human Rights has lost such distinguished interlocutor as Emilio Alzamora. He and his brother Alex will start in Ducati to get the first information about the environment and about the Desmosedici GP …