Dybala across the board in Juventus, Roma, Mourinho and Argentina

After the runway with Atalanta for harassment, the international in Miami with Argentina: “It was necessary to skip a match before I skip a month”

Skip one game so you don’t miss a month. Then Rome, Mourinho, Juventus and the Argentine national team: since the withdrawal in Miami of his choice, Paulo Dybala returned to speak after that, against Atalanta, he went to the stands due to the annoyance of the flexor. “I was exhausted, and I felt like I wasn’t 100% and the doctors knew that. I had to skip a game before I could skip a month. They understood that, and luckily the exam results went well.” This is why he came to the decline of Argentina: “When the World Cup is approaching, you have always wanted to go to the national team, I did not want to miss that. We are all working to go to Qatar, and then the coach will be the one who will make the list. Personally I will work in the same way “I give everything with my team as well to make sure the coach sees me and counts on me.”

From Turin to Rome

It’s the calm and smiling Dybala, the one who talks to Espn and the Argentine media, and he himself says the reason: “I came back to Roma as a champion. The last few years at Juventus weren’t easy, a change of scenery has worked for me. Mourinho called me and within a few minutes I made my decision. He and Pinto told me about the project and the desire to continue winning like they did last year. Being a champion in a team like this helps me a lot. The welcome of the fans? It was extraordinary. When you enter the stadium with your teammates, I was there on my own. It never occurred to me “The Roma fan is like the Argentine fan in terms of passion. It’s different from the Juventus environment, more like the Argentine environment. They have a beautiful madness: I feel this affection, for them Roma comes first from the family. They live football like us.” Romans love him and he feels loved: a combination that convinces him, every day more, that he made the right decision.

Relationship with MOU

Also thanks to the relationship with Mourinho. Dybala says: “At Roma with Juventus we won 4-3 and the coach took me away. Mourinho approached the bench to greet me and tell me: ‘You are a phenomenon.’ This episode stayed in my mind, but I couldn’t figure out what would happen with the renewal at Juventus. Then when He called me for the first time, asking if I remembered that moment. And I: “Sure, how could I ever forget him. It was an honor.” Then he said to me: “Okay, now you have to do it for me.” He also called me in the following days and it was easy to decide. Working with him is easy. I talked to him about everything, he knows all the players from elite to Category 3. He has a group of people who work very well. I was surprised by Mourinho’s humility, he treats everyone equally. Sometimes he can give a different picture of what you see on the pitch. Then I saw him angry too… I’m very happy at Roma, when you feel comfortable it is easier.”


Dybala’s other discs thought about the shape and how Argentina reached the World Cup: “Mourinho has a playing system that he already adopted last year, the players master it and it takes longer than what can be done in the national team. But here we hope to make the most of the World Cup. It’s better. It’s a football competition and it’s only natural that the closer we get, the more anxiety.”