EA Football just got more realistic with lots of new features

Only a few days left until the release of FIFA 23 (30 September)The final episode of the series created by Electronic Arts.The International Federation of FootballIn the name: After a thirty-year partnership, the tracks of the North American giant and the world’s leading soccer body suddenly parted ways. EA that decided to drop the famous acronym: Starting next year for Redwood City, Kent, That EA Sports FC.

FIFA is a global phenomenon

On the other hand, EA used us since the days of Hawkins’ trip to strokes of genius and countercurrent optionsThe status of FIFA International Soccer is symbolic. Released on Christmas 1993 as a product designed for European players, within a few years it managed to win the hearts of fans at the time (evenly divided between kick-off/goal and sensory football) becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

A series that has changed several times throughout history. Evolve to continue growing: The introduction of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT has generated nearly €20 billion in over a decade!) and the arrival of David Rutter as a producer in 2009 was a crucial turning point. From then on, FIFA’s success has been unstoppable (learn more here is our success Special in FIFA history).

FIFA’s last dance

To close the FIFA chapter well, EA decided to do things in a big way: from the number of licenses acquired to changes in FUT or the presence of women’s soccer, the development team offered a lot to do.

From a quantitative point of view, FIFA 23 is frightening: there are more than 19,000 players, 30 leagues, 700 teams and 100 stadiums. After several years of absence, Italian players will also find Juventus who gave up the name Piemonte Calcio to return to FIFA 23 With all the trappings of the official staff. New agreements such as Lega Serie B have been signed and other expired licenses renewed such as LaLiga or Major League Soccer where Insigne, Criscito, Chiellini and Bernardeschi play. The option to focus on women’s football is also tangible (to learn more: FIFA 23 and women’s football) which is also very successful in Italy: the Barclays Women’s League and Arkema Division 1 women’s clubs are available in FIFA 23, not to forget Sam Kerr, the Chelsea women’s striker and the Australian national team, who was chosen as a testimonial. Globally with star Kylian Mbappé for the game’s definitive release. As always, there’s not much to complain about.

More realism with Hypermotion 2

To make the football match more realistic, EA developed Hypermotion technology Which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning (in that regard, here’s ours FIFA 23 technical sector news) to divide and manage a large number of data and information obtained through recordings of real matches.

In short, the algorithms are able to capture captured animations and reassemble them in real time to make the movements of Haaland, Leo, Messi and Company more believable. For number lovers, EA has added something like 6000 new animations, many of which have been developed for female soccer players.

When testing the “closed beta” of FIFA 23, we noticed new artistic movements and gestures, In addition to greater flexibility in game procedures. The pace, then, was surprisingly slower than that of FIFA 22. From aerial play to tackles, goalkeeper saves or flying shots, The new version of Hypermotion It seems to give an edge to the realism and fluidity of FIFA 23.

We were also very impressed by the physicality/roughness of the contrasts: you feel more friction between players to take a position in the middle of the field after being delayed by the goalkeeper or in the penalty area for a corner kick. On the other hand, the Defensive Awareness Attribute should reduce defensive amnesia affecting central players in FIFA 22.

Strength is nothing without control

Friction drops – now more natural – and thrusts in general have also been improved, while acceleration and progression feel more credible than what was tested in FIFA 22: The New System’accelerationHe managed to make the movements behind Theo Hernandez’s lightning-quick shots more plausible.

With so many animations at its disposal, EA was able to improve the performance of the best players even more: stops and touches of the ball with some phenomena like Kevin De Bruyne were enough to appreciate the greater accuracy of “technical dribbling”. Hypermotion 2 seems to offer more variety in footage (especially the low shot) and in goalkeeper saves: new animations and better positioning in certain game situations have been implemented. Since this is a particularly sensitive and discussed topic, we’re deferring any potential game release ruling. The turf has benefited from detailed processing by EA, and not just for the brightness of the tufts: the system that simulates the passing of players on the field has been reprogrammed.

In short, slip marks and raised blocks will remain until the end of the game. To make the game experience more TV-like, EA has added new footage that will make cartel matches even more special.

FUT, Career, Pro Club and Volta

EA has gone to great lengths to rearrange game modes as well: Important news not only in FUT but also in Career, Volta and Pro Club.

In recent years, the development team in FUT has been limited to making small changes and introducing new types of cards: in FIFA 23, the well-established game architecture has been updated. A new system has been introduced that simplifies understanding between players, a signed partnership with Marvel for the Heroes cards and the addition of a single player mode renamed FUT Moments (here we have FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Preview to learn more) which will feature a variety of thematic challenges and special packages. For the first time in history, cross-play support will be introduced, even if the feature is only available between users of the same generation (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Google Stadia). Career also offers a series of innovations, especially for those who play as a coach: from this year it is possible to “impersonate” some of the greatest coaches on the planet or assign them to your team (Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte and 350 others).

Add another task related to the number “Transport Analyst“Which adds a touch of Football Manager to the situation and makes the transfer market even more exciting. The analyzer will help the player choose the most suitable players for their tactical beliefs But also to assess the impact on the dynamics of the locker room. For those who enjoy playing as a footballer, many activities outside the field and the ability to manage their earnings have been provided. In the game, however, the Play highlights They will allow you to play important parts of matches and will vary according to the type of profession chosen (coach or player).

One of the most common poses is . Pro Club Which allows you to enter the field with teams of eleven human players: To maximize wait times, EA has added about sixty skill tests to earn XP points for your player (the amount necessary to level up has been reduced). Volta (our In-depth study of FIFA 23 Volta a click away), however, was confirmed to be the craziest mode in the entire EA production: with ‘football golf’, ‘Dribble King’, ‘Obstacle Course’, ‘Catch the ball’ and ‘Quattro’ Quadrati fun” and “Secchi da Battaglia” guaranteed.