Easy Cup MTB 2022 – The 2022 tournament ends with the beautiful Crono RAMPIGÖLEM!

The circuit concluded on Saturday 17 September in the area (BS), at the foot of Monte Guglielmo Easy Cup MTB 2022 The decision of the winners of the winning jersey at the end of the time trial is about 12 km and 1100 meters in height.

The weather did not allow motorcyclists to enjoy the unique scenery that only Mount Guglielmo can give; The views of Lake Iseo and Monticola are truly sensational, just as the refreshments offered at Malga Palmarusso could have been a pleasant and rejuvenating moment of rest.

Instead, for the duration of the race, a malevolent cloud was placed on top without giving any possibility to enjoy the view; In addition to the cold that fell in northern Italy over the weekend.

The Time Trial Rampigölem was held with about 200 officially registered athletes (but fewer beginners) with one start every 20 seconds, and these are the absolute winners of the men’s tournament:

1 PESSINA Fabio M1 TEAM VISCARDI ASD time 00: 51: 23.56
2 SEGATA Claudio M4 TEAM TODESCO 00:54:57.36

For the lady, this is the absolute order:

1 POETINI Daniela W3 MDL RACING CREW ASD tempo 01:15:34.22
2 SARTORI Fabia W2 TEAM TODESCO at 01: 17: 35.00
3 FERRARI Giuseppina W2 SPRINT BIKE LUMEZZANE TIME 01: 22: 05.47

Regardless of the weather conditions, the ascent to Monte Guglielmo was loved by all motorcyclists, who know if this is not a starting point to think of something more than a time trial; The management followed this event closely and in a strong collaborative spirit; The common interest is to also continue to collaborate with the ASD Zone Racing team which immediately showed great availability.

At the end of the stage awards ceremony, voice speaker Silvio Miffio accompanied the ceremony to wear the jersey dedicated to the class leaders who won the final victory at the Easy Cup circuit at the end of the seven tests (GF 3 Valli, GF Brescia, SouthGarda bike; 100 km dei Forti, Paola Pezzo BikEnjoy Valle Camonica, MTB Presolana Race, Crono Rampigölem).

There was no shortage of “twists and turns” due to the implementation of the regulation that offered a bonus of 1,000 points to all loyal runners, seemingly insignificant representing only a small percentage of the total points, but in some categories it was decisive. A sign that the regulation, with an equal final score (considered a gap), rewards those who manage to complete all stages; “Reward” loyalty in favor of those who are always there.

These are the final winners of the Easy Cup MTB 2022:

ELMT: August Paul | ASD MTB France ROE
M1: Moretti Stefano | ASD Team VISCARDI
M2: Tombolato Andrea | MDL RACING CREW ASD
M3: Madashi Marco | Lyson MTB ASD
M4: Segata Claudio | TODESC Team
M5: Pazzanella Michael | TODESC Team
M7: hedgehog leonardo | RACING ROSOLA . BIKE
M8: Alberto Bellisari | Team ASD GAGABIKE
W2: Ferrari Giusepina | SPRINT BIKE LUMEZZANE
W3: Mattinzulli, Maria Gracia | SC Grills

In addition to the jerseys produced by GSG Cycling Wear, the awards were made thanks to the core contribution of FSA, Vittoria, Tornado Sport Integrator and Mynet Optical fibre.

The circuit also stipulated that the final winners would be awarded on time to those who had completed the seven tests:

1) Moretti Stefano – Team VISCARDI ASD
2) Tombolato Andrea – MDL RACING CREW ASD
3) Madashi Marco – Lyson MTB ASD

first woman: Ferrari Giusepina – SPRINT BIKE LUMEZZANE

The final prize was significant and qualitative also for the top three companies that received a cash prize of €600, €500 and €400, respectively; These are the best:

1) Team Gemini ASD 6,058 points
2) TODESC Team 5.643 points
3) Lyson MTB ASD 3,859 points

Now is the time to look to the future, the craving for a reboot is as great as the stress and fatigue accumulated in this edition; The staff is working hard in the search for a program that attracts and motivates athletes!