Elizabeth II Queen of Motorcycles

After seventy years of rule, the most important and icon of a queen crowned in the twentieth century passed away, and with it the last century finally dissolved the last strong bond with the present day. Under his leadership, it was not only British citizens, but many peoples around the world who, in one form or another, democratically, He recognized the power of Queen Elizabeth II. From the African continent, to all the seas of the world, the United Kingdom of Great Britain has exercised and continues to do so, its cultural influence and dominance over what is considered the last great empire of the modern era.

But it was not only Britain’s longest-lived kingdom From history, but also to motorcycles that already at the beginning of the twentieth century laid the foundations of what, from World War II onwards, could be considered motorcycles as we still know them today. Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, countless factories arose in Great Britain from which all kinds of motorcycles were produced. Among the most popular brands: norton, AJS, BSA, Brough Superior, Velocette, victory, Matchless, Douglas, Ariel, ABC, Sunbeam, HRD, and many others were prestigious and respected models that for a long time represented English production around the world, with varying success.

World Championship

She was crowned in 1952, and her history as Queen corresponds almost entirely with the World Championships, which began in 1949, and the growing appearance of fixed plants throughout Great Britain, which have become famous as Donington Park, Brands Hatch Silverstone, Cadwell Park, Snetterton, Mallory Park, Thruxton, Oulton Park, Goodwood, etc. For many years it was included in the World Championships, even the TT of the Isle of Man maintained the level of the craziest and most exciting race ever, which from 1907 to the present day has become tea time and weight limiting tradition a British habit. Despite several serious mishaps that earned him the Severe Race Index, it was only stopped during the two world wars and more recently due to the Covid19 pandemic, in purely British style.

British pilots and English lovers

But if the hardworking English industrialist has given rise to several historic brands, His Majesty will not miss the school of winning pilots. Across the channel, some heroes like Mike Hillwood and Phil Reed, Capable of beating the formidable Agustini on several occasions, he always fights on equal terms. But the list is long and creepy, from Leslie Graham to Barry Sheen, through John Surtees, Jeff Duke, Bill Lomas, Bill Ivy, Cecil Symonds, Rodney Gold, Freddie Firth, Fergus Anderson and Bob Foster, all MotoGP World Champions, not to mention many more. Others who never enriched the palms with laurel, but with races and historical victories.

The British did not excel in Superbike as they racked up victories and world titles in droves. For many years, the undisputed phenomenon and still nicknamed “The King” today, Carl Fogarty was the long-defeated jockey, the first Briton in history to be crowned a champion with four world titles, and holds the record until Kawasaki’s victories for a Northern Irishman. Johnny Rhea. The latter, who won six championships, is the current record holder for production derivatives. To these figures should be added the addresses of James Tosland and Neil Hodgson. Despite being designed in Italy, the WorldSBK has always been very popular in Great Britain and the entire area of ​​influence, so much so that the first race of 1988 was held at Donington Park.

As we have said, the colonial expansion of the former colonial expansion, which lasted until the middle of the last century, actually brought together pilots from Rhodesia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other parts of the world during the reign of Elizabeth II. Rhodesian world champions include Jim Redman and Gary Hawking, Australians Kyle Carruthers, Wayne Gardner, Mick Doohan, Casey Stoner, Troy Corser, Troy Bayliss, Remy Gardner, South African John Eckerold, Cork Ballington, Brad Pender and one part Commonwealth Knights. Without world championships including real personalities such as Greg Hansford, Aaron Slate, Simon Kravar, Peter Goddard, Daryl Petty, Sheridan Morris, Darren Bender, Jack Miller, Joshua Brooks, Bruce Anstey, Gram Crosby, Alan North, Stephen Odendale and Doreen Loreiro , Matt Mladen, Carl Moggeridge, Anthony Joubert, etc.

Finally, Elizabeth II leaves her kingdom, with a very rich cultural heritage spread all over the world, but in Western Europe it can only be partially realized. The fact remains that British motorcycles and British motorcycles In general, it occupies only a part of the vast panorama that we are used to dealing with today. However, there is no doubt that the British, once, thanks to a long tradition, were the leaders of the two-wheeled world at almost all levels and that their so-called school is still popular with motorcyclists from all over the planet.

God save the queen e le sue moto.