F1, a nightmare season for Lewis Hamilton. Will 2022 be your worst year? – OA Sport

There are few doubts about the name World Champion From F1. As for mathematics, the world championship is still open, but in fact it has already closed. Max Verstappen He will go on to win the second title in a row. It only remains to be understood how many races he has to go and whether the Dutchman will be able to create a series of firsts for The number of injuries. In the amazing 2022 Super Max A faint return is offset by those who literally dominated F1 until the day before yesterday. Let’s talk about Lewis Hamiltonwhich the ghost of having to file worst season Career path career path.

After a rough start, during which he often and reluctantly found himself behind new teammate George Russell, the 37-year-old Briton was I found the enamel Lost. Five consecutive platforms Between Montreal and Budapest, they relaunched the prices of the English veteran, who undoubtedly began to cherish the idea of ​​returning to success relatively quickly. Instead, when resuming after the August break, things always turned out wrong direction.

Before bad mistake From Spa-Francorchamps, where he retired due to a collision with Fernando Alonso, who king of evil He is the only responsible. then radio scene From Zandvoort, frustrated with the team’s strategic choice in the last safety car, he found him on the podium. Finally, the starting from the bottom From the grid at Monza, where he gave the impression that he was confined to normal management, without even trying to get anything more than fifth place. Moreover, by means of a hook or a crook, it always ends up with messengers in front of him.

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Negative score per late summer GP in triple again cloudy Skies tend toward clear at the end of July. Hamilton slipped into Sixth place in the general classificationfar 19 Points for Carlos Sainz and 35 from his mate. Why is the 37-year-old Briton at risk of having to lose the worst season ever? let’s start with He has not yet won the race, an unprecedented dynamism in the career of the English veteran, who has always imposed himself from 2007 to 2021 in at least one GP. Will the seven-year-old world champion be able to achieve at least one success? There are six opportunities to achieve this, but it is clear how to match the greedy Max Verstappen and the hungry Ferrari, ready to swallow the crumbs the Dutchman left on the plate, which is very complicated.

Nor should we forget how Hamilton has always been close the world Mona top 5. As mentioned, it is currently VI. Verstappen is elusive. A recovery on Leclerc and Perez is highly unlikely. Sainz isn’t far, but he drives an undeniably superior car, so he’s starting from a position of strength. Moreover I 35 The points behind Russell are not insignificant to compensate, especially since George has a very solid return. A top-five finish for the first time and, moreover, behind his teammate (the setback that Lewis only had to suffer in 2011 and 2016), would attest to a difficult year for the championship. king of evilwhose fortunes can be one of strong themes In the coming weeks. After all, F1 needs to Reasons for interest At the end of 2022, there will be no title race.