F1, Ferrari’s new team principal, Horner? Check out the exciting background

The dream of seeing Red Bull F1 coach Christian Horner in the role of Ferrari team principal has faded. Here are all the reasons.

Ferrari is undergoing a fasting period of the world championship, which is second only to the one that preceded Michael Schumacher’s control, at the dawn of the new millennium. F1 hasn’t bowed to a Prancing Horse since 2007 in terms of the drivers title it won Kimi Raikkonen In the exciting final of Interlagos, when he managed to mock the favorites in a comeback McLaren From Lewis Hamilton e Fernando Alonso.

F1 Christian Horner (La Bresse)

The last two makers is the date of 2008, with the couple forming before Felipe Massa It is the same Raikkonen Which, however, failed to repeat the previous year’s double triumph. You will all remember the sensational defeat of the Brazilian in the last corner of the last lap, with Hamilton that tore the world championship apart from its rival by defeating Toyota From Timo Glock A few hundred meters from the end.

After that season, both Ferrari and McLaren entered an unprecedented period of crisis. Woking for 9 years refrained from ascending to the highest podium on the podium, with Daniel Ricciardo which won last year at Monza, while the last win was missing from the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix with Jenson Button.

In this long period of timeThe Ferrari He had his own problems, touching the title with Fernando Alonso In 2010 and 2012, she found herself defeated by a few points of Red Bull From Sebastian Vettel. Milton Keynes and mercedes They have shared global successes from 2010 onwards, dominating Formula 1 and beating the competition.

The Anglo-Austrians are on the cusp of winning a fifth and sixth constructors’ championship among drivers, with Max Verstappen who could already close the score. In the next Singapore race. During the Hybrid Era, it was mercedes She won seven times in the Drivers’ Championship and eight times between teams, in a rotation that has made these two teams the absolute masters in the top car class.

Everyone is forced to bend overthanks to technological and political superiority as well Red Bull e mercedes. This is wolf He did a great job leading the Brackley team, but Christian Horner He’s definitely not outdone by his team Dietrich MateschitzTo the top in a few years.

The Red Bull Born in 2005 from Ramad JaguarFrom that moment on, he was alone Horner to direct it. Within two years, the Briton built a very strong team by securing a presence Adrian Neweytorn from McLaren After a long time without gain. Now, “Chris” is the main reference for the team, and many would like to see him in Ferraribut that probably will never happen.

Formula 1, Christian Horner will never go to Ferrari

In recent days, there has been a lot of discussion about the agreement between Red Bull and Porsche to supply power units. In fact, the Weissach house demanded to buy 50% of the Milton Keynes team, and in all likelihood also expelled Christian Horner to make room for their men. Can’t imagine F1 without the British team manager, but he and Helmut Marko They made the Germans understand who was responsible.

The Red Bull He wanted to reject the deal, which suggests that Horner He has every intention of remaining responsible for the team he has always worked on. So, now it’s clear that “Chris” will never come Ferrarieven if some hints of negotiations were already made a few months ago.

As I mentionedF1Sport.it“, John Elkann Will try to approach with Horner At the end of 2021, but the Englishman would have turned down the offer. The main reason was project related uncertainty Ferrariwhich came from disastrous seasons, which made no guarantees about the 2022 single-seat competition.

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F1 is a world that is not easy to catch, and so is the same Horner, again according to rumors, had no confidence in the work done in Maranello. So, after the bargain question he jumped in with PorscheEven last hopes of seeing him dressed in red have now evaporated. there Ferrariat least for the time being, with Mattia Binottounless there are sudden disasters.