F1, hierarchies at Ferrari? John Elkann depends on the foreman

After much talk, Ferrari chief John Elkann has finally given his opinion on the internal situation of his drivers.

Leclerc or Sainz? One of the main themes of this season has been the alleged internal rivalry between the Ferrari drivers. Very different in some ways, but also similar in terms of ambitions, the Rossa drivers have done their best to get Cavallino back on top. It wasn’t enough, for various reasons, but some episodes definitely didn’t help. Leaving two youngsters with a chance to fight on equal footing has helped Max Verstappen expand the drivers’ standings in a decisive way. The events in Monaco and Silverstone were exciting, as he favored the Spanish team, which was lagging behind in the standings, which put Monaco in a difficult situation.

Ferrari Sainz Leclerc Elkann (ANSA Pictures)

If the suicidal tactics of the low wall in Monaco have propelled Sergio Perez to the first step on the podium, marking the Grand Prix on the famous English track, Leclerc has been put in a position to suffer a sensational humiliation, effectively giving him his first career success in Madrid. Charles’ maturity, even in its darkest moments, made peaceful coexistence possible. Sometimes, perhaps, it was better to have a little ear for the team, while in the end, it was Leclerc himself who pointed the finger. The critical situation, which seemed less dangerous than expected, was only thanks to the brilliant figure of the young Prince of Monaco. In other circumstances, with other pilots, the situation would have bypassed. In fact, there was a huge confusion in the hierarchy throughout the year.

It was clear, from the first day of the season, that Leclerc’s feeling of driving an F1-75 was clearly better than that of his teammate. The Poles, the wins and the fastest laps weren’t enough. A trio of Bahrain and the Australian major football would have sufficed, but Ferrari tried very hard to complicate matters. Management was opaque and allowed Sains to get close to his fellow drivers standings. Retirement in Austria sent Matador’s artistic son back to hell, but in fact, as much as he worked hard during the year, Leclerc was always far ahead of the rankings. Currently, Monegasque is second in the ranking, while Sainz is in fifthGeorge Russell was succeeded and threatened by seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Ferrari, clarity is finally in the hierarchy

#55 didn’t make it to Maranello to finish second. Well, nobody starts with the number 2 written on the helmet, but the facts should have prompted Ferrari management to make a useful decision on the case. The roles in Red Bull Racing are clear. All the teams that have opened great winning streaks in Formula 1 history have had number 1 and number 2. It has happened at all times and it will happen again. Despite his age and experience, Sergio Perez immediately evaded When he received a team order in the race. On the contrary, there is always uncertainty among the Ferrari drivers which, at times, has been fatal in the delicate balance of a difficult race.

Charles Leclerc, no matter what he repeated this year, has already shown a lot to Cavallino’s management. After just one year in Formula 1, right after his Alfa experience, he was able to make fun of the four-time world champion, thanks to his exceptional consistency of performance. In his career, he won only 5 players, but who would have achieved so many first places? On numerous occasions, the team, with its nefarious tactics, has delivered important victories. After two notable models, in 2021 Sainz’s presence had more balanced values. The Spaniard finished ahead of Monaco and showed great consistency. A regularity that ceased to exist almost immediately in 2022, as stellar performances alternated with worrisome empty lanes.

The team gave him the chance to win and also recover on a psychological level, putting him in the best conditions even on a contractual level. Renovation to 2024, like Charles Leclerc, in very similar economic conditions. The two are also good friends outside of the circus, but it’s clear that there is always a strong rivalry between his teammates. Formula 1, Briatore demolishes Ferrari: His criticism is too harsh. Many criticized the Italian team. At Monza, fans were disappointed, or rather, they were deceived. Take a look at this article as well: F1, great salute to Enzo Ferrari: All fans are excited.

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President John Elkann, in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, spoke about hierarchies: “I would like to congratulate both of you. They are drivers who are involved in the growth of the car and know how to work as a team. As a leadership style they have great potential and aggressiveness that distinguishes them. Sometimes they push the limits but they’ve made big improvements. I admire their courage, which is a critical component of success in life as well as in sports. I think they are great riders and that encourages them to improve even more. I am confident that we will win not only the World Builders Championship, but also the Drivers’ Championship and that Charles Leclerc is in pole position.Another announcement by 2026, we will see what happens in the coming weeks.