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There are many reasons why F1 has been relaunched in recent years and Dorna is looking for inspiration. The controversial sprint race is one of them. Here we analyze how the Netflix series reached its fourth F1 edition with excellent results, while unfortunately discontinuing with MotoGP after the first year.

September 15, 2022

DrThese times we talk about it a lot F1 compared to MotoGP: There is great success with the public and television audiences, and here are the increasing difficulties. Dorna’s newest gimmick to spice up the weekend, is Sprint race on Saturdaycomes from there: F1 is an inspiration because in recent years it has been able to transform itself, and Stefano Domenicali, F1 chief executive for two years, explained it well, in an interview with Bottero and Mancini on printing On the eve of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Tell Domenicali how F1 Also grown thanks to sustainability, with hybridization and sustainable gasoline. “We use the most efficient combustion engine in the world,” he said. They have been opened New social platformsWe’re addressing a much wider audience, we’re starting to change the look of the weekend with sprint races.

Netflix – It’s finally decided Stefano Domenicali – Let us do it Approaching a new shape that continues to grow“.

Should a final match like the one that happened last Sunday at Monza be repeated, with safety car In the last six laps, optimism will drop. But it’s true: the series “campaign to survivewhich reveals the scenes of the Open Wheel Car World Championship, has reached its fourth edition and has Important role in the renaissance of F1. In the United States, for example, The popularity of the tournament has skyrocketed And the share of TV 2022 has increased by more than 50 percent.

Not because they are all favorable in the environment. Toto Wolff, for example, says he hates seeing himself there, and doesn’t like the narrative that is created by assembling scenes that didn’t happen. “However, we create entertainment – Mercedes team manager concluded – H This is the new dimension“.

Our series has stopped: Someone made a mistake

IIn short, insiders don’t quite like it, but they all agree: The series was and still is useful. And us, as a standard? “Unlimited MotoGPProduced by Mediapro Studio in collaboration with Dorna, in Italy switched to Amazon Prime at the beginning of this year as in many other countries in the world: Eight 50-minute episodes of the previous MotoGP season, which we talked about at the time. Obviously we were convinced it would last, it was Zamani who discovered in the first GPs that there were no crews from the previous year. Why did everything stop?

Because the ratings were unsatisfactory. This was ensured by Manel Arroyo, General Manager of Dorna Sport From 2023 filming will resumeanalyze the error and make the appropriate corrections, but in the meantime the damage is done: skipping a season won’t be good for the series or the motorcycles.

We’ve found “MotoGP unlimited” to be very good: There were great thingseven if in some cases insiders can hold their noses up, our main criticism went to The narrator’s tone of voice is insufficient. Now it seems that the English-speaking audience didn’t like one more important thing at all: Dubbing pilotswho spoke mostly Spanish and Italian, was very impersonal and non-interfering.

and then, sweet at the bottomAnd the In half the world the series did not pass: They couldn’t follow him in Japan, Australia and in countries where passion appears like Indonesia and India. This is really exciting. If you want to copy F1, you can’t make such big mistakes.