Fia of 0 absolute; Verstappen from 10 and Sainz and Leclerc from 9-

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Federation ruined Grand Prix between penalties and safety car in vain: 8 in Hamilton, 6 politician in Schumacher, Aston Martin still for 4

At his very personal risk, Max Verstappen still lacked the conquest of Italy, in the name of the Monza GP. successful mission On the eighth attempt (with many advantages and a few of that fortune that now seems to be his ally), at the end A race that the FIA ​​managed to destroy in a way it did not deserve Make it end in front of the safety car. So, this time the report cards start with the worst: i feeding.

Fia / Safety Car: Absolute Zero

After Zandvoort, another strange management by the race director. It was incomprehensible to waste time getting the safety car out when Ricciardo McLaren’s car crashed into a clearly dangerous spot on the track. Not only that: SC did not intercept the leader (Verstappen), but the third (Russell) then began to maintain such a high pace that it was difficult to rearrange the cars behind him. Co-sleeping in the exit plus management error resulted in a shameful and avoidable arrival at the shaft that eliminated a potentially intense duel between SuperMax and Leclerc.. On the contrary, the hypothetical safety car adopted after Vettel stopped too quickly, while Charles was completing the stop and the Dutchman was within sight of the finish line: let’s leave the intrigues aside, but in fact Verstappen managed to speed up immediately, avoiding that Leclerc can fully exploit the advantage of faster stopping compared to the normal cases guaranteed by neutralizations. Rethink too To the utter chaos of Abu Dhabi 2021 (when the race director is another) who asserts that in these cases the race should be interrupted and restarted with the track cleared is really: it would be fairer.

Fia / Penalties: Zero

Nine out of twenty drivers found themselves penalized, after qualifying, for various interferences on the power units. It took 5 hours to determine the final starting grid: not even experts understand it anymore. Are we really sure that tougher restrictions and restrictions aren’t just nonsense? Among other things, one of the basic principles of the show was damaged: whoever wins a position on the track must be able to hold it.

Max Verstappen: 10

Net of innumerable help from fate, the eleventh victory of the season reaffirms his undisputed supremacy and the supremacy of Rb18. The jump at the start made him instantly go from seventh to third, a stepping stone for another GP on the shields, as world champion now just having to convince the account to reassert himself.

Carlos Sainz: 9

He started third from last, and this time he made a great comeback: on the best stages he overtook an opponent in a lap. The tire plafonato at the moment would have considered attacking Russell on the podium, a premise that evaporated definitively due to the aforementioned papocchio being combined with the FIA ​​with the Safety Car. Painful wooden medal.

Charles Leclerc: 9

from the pole (beautiful) To the second place slightly soaked in the gallbladder. He attempted a chip bet on the opportunity presented by the virtual safety car: to anticipate a stop, make the pit stop faster than usual and enter full attack mode to put the reins on Verstappen. It was wrong for him, for reasons already explained and beyond his control. Whether or not it was a right choice to stop early can be debated, but we like to think it was more of a mistake it was an attempt to move the waters. The point, if anything, is that you don’t have to find yourself in circumstances where breaks or breaks dictate your choices.

Lewis Hamilton: 8

The adoption of the fourth power unit – a choice that caused some grumbling – propelled him to the penultimate place on the starting grid. Lewis didn’t go right away, but when he did, he explained what kind of dough he was making. Great comeback race, but the balcony overlooking the podium was never within reach.

Nick de Vries: 7.5

In Williams, he replaced Alexander Albon, who was suffering from appendicitis. It wasn’t just Holland Verstappen and Nyck, the Formula E world champion in 2021 (plus a Mercedes driver), made his debut well. He made use of Grid’s adjustments, but then honored the position he was assigned by always staying in the top ten and finishing ninth in value, and also for a good defense against Zhou Guanyu’s attacks. Maybe orange to give a boost?

George Russell: 7

The podium at Monza also cemented his reputation as a regular until the bitter end: 3rd, 3rd of the season and 7th Top 3 (once also finished 2nd). Fifteenth score within the first 5 in sixteen Gp. If it was a horse, it would be a guaranteed place for bettors on the racetrack. But we want to be the devil’s advocate: starting with the first row (with a very unconvincing attack on Leclerc, at first, and then sewn by Verstappen without firing a shot) he was much better than Hamilton. But Lewis, in our opinion, paid him his salary, even though he ended up behind him.

Zhou Guanyu: 6,5

We saw him fight again and were able to prove what he claims, ie to be in F1 for merit and not for recommendations. He took a hit in Alfa Romeo’s car in sharp decline compared to the start of the season, as Valtteri Bottas (5) is back to do… Bottas.

Sergio Perez: 6

Also for him the start with a penalty and a race on the ascent of the turbulent river. He was the first to paint, switch to solid compounds, and plan to hold on to the finish line. He worked hard, but in the end, sixth, he stayed behind those who had started in worse conditions than his. He’s driving the same rocket as Verstappen, for a completely different show in his hands.

Lando Norris: 6

He’s lost his nail polish, scratches his nails less and tends to lose himself in golds for a while. But perhaps the problem lies in an unreliable McLaren (Fourth Class; Ricciardo parked on the lawn), a fading single-seat relative that allowed Woking to win the 2021 double.

Mick Schumacher: 6

Twelfth at the finish line, I broke my kidneys Latifi (!) For this decisive overtake we give him the sixth politician. But if you think back to Schumacher’s nickname for Monza… (he said with fading that even Haas now looks more like shrimp than with a single seat).

Stephen Ocon: 5

Alonso was eating his nose again, before the forced stop. With alpine speed on the straight, he stayed out of the points zone. It is good for him (and the team) that McLaren misses opportunities to undermine the Frenchman’s fourth place among the decision-makers.

Kevin Magnussen: Fifth place

In contrast, lost in the season fell sharply. On the other hand, the penalty for each race always succeeds in getting it right…

Aston Martin: 4

Running in the last appearance of his career in the garden the poor man Sebastian Vettel (beard and hair saint) was hoping to salute Monza with a cream race that gave him his first Formula One victory. An absurd longing: Aston Martin, which also retired with the Stroll, is still an awkward wagon.

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