Filippo Gana, we are not surprised. Bad season and a bit of confusion to resolve – OA Sport

If you have asked us a prediction before the race Filippo Jana in a stopwatch 2022 World Cycling Championship, we would have answered that we did not expect it on the podium, although we wish we had been wrong. Unfortunately, things went just like that and the result is not surprising for several reasons.

Or not The real Filippo Gana has never been seen throughout 2022. This devastating man who bought world titles in the 2020-2021 biennium seems close to the one who is in the current season He sought in vain for the best condition. The year could not have started under better auspices: the 1996 chapter decided to focus firmly on Milan-Sanremo, except for appearing at Classicsima in less than ideal conditions due to the after-effects of the flu.

Nevertheless, the spring gave him some good reactions, as evidenced by the successes at the trials of Tirreno-Adriatico and Giro del Davenato. However, compared to the past Ganna changed programming, skipped the Giro d’Italia and bet everything on the Tour de FranceThe goal was to wear the Yellow Jersey at the end of the initial trial period. the right of big ring The problems began: the Italian champion not only missed the goal he set himself in the first stage held in Copenhagen, but in the following days was also the victim of a fall. The three weeks in France proved to be very tiring, with plenty of work put into the team and fifth place in the Rocamadour trial.

in mid-August Filippo Gana should not participate in the European road races in Munich at the time of the trialHowever, it has been published On the edge The place of Matteo Sobrero. In case he wasn’t finished, he took the bronze behind Swiss Stefan Koenig and Stefan Bisiger.

In short, from July onwards, Ganna looked quite far from its best release on the road in the 2020-2021 biennium. In addition to The World Championships trial period was tough, with a succession of demanding tears and a peak at 8%: such a path would not frighten our standard-bearer on the best of days, but not today. After a good start, the blue gradually decreased, with wooden and not very streamlined pedals. It was obvious that he could not develop his usual speed.

There could be a bad season, in the past it also happened to Fabian Cancellara. It will be important to understand the reasons for such a turbulent year. It is true that Filippo Gana is only 26 years old, but he has been on top of the wave since he was 20 years old: In fact, his first world title in singles pursuit on the track dates back to 2016. Between the pitches and the commitments on the road (which are produced at Grand Tours with a great deal of work in the service of leaders, let’s not forget it), Maybe it’s time to start making choices to maintain fitness and lay the foundations for expanding your career to great heights.

Certainly some programming options did not convince and It relieves a bit of confusion especially regarding the fake attempt to record the clockinitially planned for last August 24, then put it in the attic and suddenly dusted for Saturday, October 8 in Grinchen, the same day as the Giro di Lombardia. In just four days, the Track Cycling World Championships will begin (which would award heavy points to the qualification rating for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games), which at this point risks being sacrificed after such an intense effort that the watch record requires. Not everything can be done.

Photo: La Presse