Formula 1 – Ferrari vs FIA: New tension opens

between FIA and Ferrari F1, Lately, there are not many feelings. before applying Technical guidance 039 then set Sheila An Rao (Professional at high altitude has been blocked mercedes) generated more than one complaint from Mattia Binottothe person responsible for sports management for the Italian team.

Nothing can break the normal relationships between the body that runs the highest class of motorsports And the historic team that, obviously expressing its dissatisfaction with seeing its strategic vision rejected even in the negotiations that began to come up with the definition of technical rules for 2023. It was cheerfully welcomed by the red environment.

Thus, the feeling is that Ferrarialso though, he can and will want to get in the way of frankly marginal issues like attribution super license a Colton Harttalented made in the USA who must land on the Old Continent.

Colton Herta (Andretti Autosport), the youngest driver to win an IndyCar

F1. Colton Herta and the Super license: a formality Ferrari didn’t like

the facts. The pilot, currently in IndyCarIt can first appear in Formula 1 in 2023 b AlphaTauri. Obviously, to do this, it is necessary to obtain the Super License, the document that opens the gates of Paradise. motorsports. But, so far, the American has only 32 out of the 40 required to get it.

So the necessary exception that was immediately requested to FIA by parent company Red Bull. CEOs at Milton Keynes it’s you Faenza We believe that the young man driver He can be considered skilled and was drafted into the First Class because he has already won seven races across the Atlantic.

Mattia Binotto, director of the historic Scuderia Ferrari team

Convincing, objective and strong arguments are not enough for some: “I think force majeure cannot be used for Colton Hertha – stated Mattia Binotto In an interview conducted on the sidelines Italian Grand Prix This is a completely wrong approach. There are regulations to protect our sport that work to ensure we follow the right process by making the right choices“.

So Herta will be able to participate in the tournament when the conditions are met and not before. I think this is very important and the FIA ​​will certainly take it into account. I also think every team will do it because it is in the best interest of our sport. Whatever the situation, we cannot have a case of force majeure when it is not there. Of course we can’t talk about it in this case“.

Points Allocation System is essential to obtaining an FIA Premium License

F1. Herta’s question opens up a reassessment of the mechanism of superiority

Beyond the fact that from Binotto It can be hard to hurt an opposing team or cause some kind of rancor FIA which appears to be restrictive oriented, The Superlicense mechanism looks objectively squeaking. It is clear from the above table that the system is very strict and not entirely conducive to the entry of young people into the first class.

Winning IndyCar automatically gives you the ability to enter F1, but that’s not the case with Herta. Who, since working abroad, finds it difficult to do all those activities needed to get “college credits”. Like, for example, driving at least 100 km during a free training session. The process that gives an extra point.

In short, Other than the real reasons for such fierce opposition from Ferrari, the model that appears to be leaking. Herta She is a talent worthy of being embraced F1. We are so sure Liberty Mediawho some in this issue say she would want to have, would not at all be offended by the idea of ​​seeing a Yankee pilot animated the show her “game” produced.

author: Diego Catalano @Diegocat1977

picture: F1Scuderia Ferrari F1, Andretti Autosport