Formula 1, GB Monza: Our readers’ nightmare experiences – Formula 1

Some of our readers tell us about their nightmarish experience at Monza at the 2022 Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix

September 15, 2022

Ito 2022 Italian Grand Prix From Formula 1 In Monza scored a Attendance Record – Over 300,000 spectators – but during the race weekend There was no shortage of critical issues. Some of our readers wanted to share their nightmarish experience on Instagram Profile Dedicated to MotorsportsAnd the Racing club. It was symbolic system, Icons to access food and drink. “In the middle of the race, I will look for water: the marked booth is closed because it is over. I think the nearest water dispenser was behind the circuit,” said a spectator who bought a ticket at Runway 8C.

“My friend after 80 minutes of waiting for tokens, had to do 30 more times to get water. When it came his turn it was over,” another fan says. Confirmation of the spectators’ difficulties also comes from the agent:I worked at Monza on Sunday and confirm everything, there were people who were literally sick because they had no water. The experience of a fan who pays 200 and 300 euros is a really bad experience.”It was a bad day with my daughter who was dying of thirst”, reflects a father who attended the doctor with his nine-year-old daughter. The lack of drinks led to a lot of money lost: “They stole 50 euros in tokens because I ran out of drinks and I couldn’t use them or return them. A horrific experience,” says the reader.

nOur readers’ stories also stand out Few bathrooms Inside the perimeter where it was not necessary to pass through the controls. One scene reveals, “I was even prevented from leaving the park to go to the bathroom because they didn’t know how to organize a trip.” The harassment does not end there, as evidenced by the story of another spectator. They asked me to leave the power bank at the entrance. I can understand. They had me take a picture of the power bank telling me ‘when you go out, show it and we’ll give you your picture’. When I got out at 5 p.m. (not long after the end of the race) that doorway was dismantled, the table containing all the magazines was gone and I went home without it.”

IMany complain about the situation associated with car traffic and parking, but there are also testimonies from those who chose public transport to get to the circuit. “Small and poorly managed trains, with hours of waiting to board. For me and my friends, the only solution was a 30-minute walk to Arcore Station,” says one fan. “Not only was Monza not even 100 years old, it wasn’t a normal international event,” says a spectator. Not satisfied with his experience.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza regrets To the annoyance of those who, among the many fans who flocked to the last Italian Grand Prix, would have had some inconvenience. The structure and its people did their best to create an event that exceeded all attendance records by exceeding all estimated grades. For Autodromo Nazionale Monza, fan experience is a priority aspect, which is why close vetting with partners has also been initiated to ascertain the origin of any critical issues, investigate them and take subsequent action so that this does not happen again in the future,” a note read. Publish it to the press.However, for some viewers, this year’s experience may be enough not to repeat the experience in the future.