Formula 1, Jean Alizée’s crazy reaction at Monza: look what he’s doing (video)

Jean Alesi has always been a huge fan of Ferrari, and he never contradicted himself at Monza. That’s what the former F1 did a few days ago.

Formula 1 stopped at Monza last weekend, which gave us a lot of lights but also some shadows. In fact, the show was definitely not missing out, taking first place Ferrari From Charles Leclerc Which impressed all the fans, but with Max Verstappen Which then led to the receding of the cheers of joy of those who flocked to the Temple of Speed ​​that dominated the scene on Sunday.

F1 John Alessi (ANSA)

The world champion gave us further proof of his superiority in 2022 as he was simply impregnable, even if the team’s many sensational mistakes helped him so many times. Ferrari. After the race there was a lot of controversy over what happened in the final laps, with the safety car entering the track due to a failure on McLaren From Daniel Ricciardo.

When last year’s winner stopped at his second Lismo Championship, Verstappen managed to calm down completely by more than 15 seconds to take advantage Leclerc. in Red Bull They immediately summoned the world champion to bring him a new set of soft tyres, while he was in the Ferrari They had to carry on with the second-hand ones, even if it was only three laps.

So there was a good advantage between the two In favor of the Dutch, but Ferrari It was pretty fast all weekend on the strait, so Charles at least had a chance to try to overtake. Unfortunately, all hell broke out under the safety car, due to the painful management of the FIA ​​and the race judges.

The safety car was sent to the track not in front of the race leader, but in George Russell’s Mercedes Which ranked third. In general, in these cases, the green light is given to those who follow, but inexplicably, all this did not happen, and, moreover, the safety car drove off at a very high speed, without facilitating the return of all the others to the queue.

This was the situation For 3-4 laps, which prevents the marshals from recovering safely McLaren hung along the track. It was unbelievable chaos, and the race was never resumed, preventing Leclerc To seek to attack a Verstappen.

The whistles and insults to the direction of the race collapsed from the stands, which again made an unforgivable mistake, yet someone still managed to defend it. However, we must highlight what happened when the safety car was called on the track, which allowed for a very strange scene to occur.

F1, here’s Jean Alessi’s reaction to the safety car

Jean Alessi is a longtime Ferrari fan as well as a former F1 driver. The Frenchman raced for many years with the Modenese Scuderia, with which he achieved his only success in the top formula, which he achieved at the 1995 Canadian Grand Prix. The idol of Cavallino fans, today he is often present in the track as a commentator and also as a fan of the team that gave him so much in the 90s.

He couldn’t miss the chance to watch Monza How, who was the hero of the scene that sent the entire web world into ecstasy. Former F1 recovered with singer and presenter Fabio Rovazijust at the moment the safety car was announced.

The two gave themselves up to crazy joyaware of the fact that Charles Leclerc He would have had a real chance to beat her Max Verstappen. Unfortunately, the race never resumed, and we have no pictures of when it was announced that it would finish under the safety car. Here are photos of the curious curtain between the two.