Formula 1 – Red Bull vs Ferrari: The ability to progress during the season “weighs”

At the start of the season, F1 2022the first tests and general practitioners have already decided, albeit with partial data, which teams will compete for the world championship: Red Bull e Ferrari. When evaluating the two individual seats, the pony-designed seat seemed to be the absolute best on the track.

However, we are here today to tell another story. A story made of flexibility, hard work and adaptability from a team Milton Keynes Breaths away from his first world title nearly ten years after his last title and several times Grand prize ahead of the Italian competitors in the constructors’ and drivers’ championships.

With six races still running, in fact, Max Verstappen his masters Leclerc With 116 more points and five races–three in a row–she won in a row. Red Bull is best known for its ability to develop its car in the second half of the season. Will this be the secret to his success on Red?

F1 – Red Bull A Monza

F1. Team Developments: Is this Red Bull’s secret?

I’m going to analyze the history Red Bull It can be seen that the team is able to improve significantly in the second half of the season with a large number of developments made on their cars. However, the reason for its superiority over the Italians is not this.

In fact, during 2022 between Ferrari e Red Bull The team that developed the car the most is the Prancing Horse. In the hind wings Ferrari Manufacture Six variables, including the Monza special. double it from Red Bull which is used instead only threeat low, medium and high loads, put it to the test in more or less four races on tracks with similar characteristics.

to any concern floor, on the other hand, it is difficult to make comparisons “in periods”, but, judging from what we see externally, the developments were equivalent. Both Red Bull and Ferrari worked on the ground in a similar way – Red Bull a Silverstone e Ferrari The Paul Ricard – Initiating normative developments moving in the same direction. The work, in fact, is focused on the central part near the diffuser.

A choice that turns out to be important in the economy of the season, given the much-discussed budget cap.

Oracle Red Bull Racing mechanics celebrate after Max Verstappen’s victory at the 2022 Italian Grand Prix

F1. RB18 . Diet

One of the crucial aspects that the F1 team has done Milton Keynes It worked, it was put “on a diet” there RB18. At the beginning of the season, the car exceeded the maximum permissible limit by 15 kg, which is equivalent to 798 kg. However, the use of lighter materials and the study of other engineering details had immediate effects.

Already during the return of Formula 1 to Europe, the car was a third lighter, located within Hungary. A place not by chance, since that exact moment Max Verstappen’s performance has improved dramatically, leading to the dominance of five races in a row, of which three are “in a row”, or one Grand Prix following the other non-stop.

F1. Verstappen and Perez: Two weights, two riders

We have already discussed in the past about the difference in treatment between them Max Verstappen. It seems appropriate to stress that, within a team, there are two different types of “weights”, in a literal sense. In fact, the Core Lightning Happened Only on the Dutch carwho immediately benefited from it.

F1. Oracle RedBull Racing: Christian Horner drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

This discrepancy is not due to different significance but to a calculated development plan by the team. while, Verstappen “Fly”, lie Perez Suffers. The world-leading Formula One car, which initially suffered greatly from understeer, has completely changed its behavior thanks to new, lighter materials and is now neutral and tends to over-steering.

In short, Red Bull Thanks to adjustments made with intelligence, efficiency and accuracy, the burden has already been removed.

author: Silvia Giorgi silvia_giorgi5

Image source: Oracle Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari