“From Aragon 2021 everything changed”

It starts from Aragon, the 15th event of the MotoGP 2022 season. Another chapter in the global struggle between them Fabio QuartararoAnd the Biko Bagnaya so Alex Espargaro, accompanied by 33 points. with Enea Bastianini who, after his mistakes, re-launches himself for next season as a Ducati factory driver. They are back to work Joan MirHe was injured in Austria, but above all Marc Marquez, which after the test in Misano continues the process of recovery. They are the protagonists of Thursday’s press conference, here are their statements before action is taken.

Quartaro: “The test in Misano is important for confidence”

The MotorLand Aragon has never been one of his favorite tracks. “We are quick in free practice and qualifying, but we didn’t achieve anything in the race. However, we understood what the problems were, especially in the fourth sector.” However, there is something new to this GP: “We’ll have a new tire tested in the Misano tests: we’ll see when we use it, I don’t know if it’s FP1 or FP2, but it gives me confidence anyway.” Don’t miss a joke: “It would be nice to use the 2023 engine already…” This is not possible, but the test was important for another reason: “We have seen the smiles, there is more confidence. It was a good time everyone.” Competitors are approaching, are you calm or anxious? “It’s always 30 points. I know I always have to do my best and let’s see what happens.”

Bajnaya: “Everything changed in Aragon 2021”

The Ducati rider was released after the latest results. “For me, it’s a beautiful moment, I feel good in the saddle. Except for what happened in Assen, we always had some problems, but from that moment on things were always good. Misano Halabi was in my house, it was magical.” He also summarizes the situation since the start of the season: “We had some difficulties with the bike, from Jerez it went better, but there were a lot of mistakes. Then we understood why and worked to find that consistency.” For the following races, the program should not change: “I have to work as usual and stay ahead.” Aragon GP 2021 is a beautiful memory for Bajnaya. “It was a good match against Marquez, she helped me above all to understand that I can win and from there everything changed.”

Espargaro: “Discovering the competitiveness of the beginning of the year”

Fortunately, Misano’s injured finger doesn’t bother him much, which is less of a problem for the more experienced Aprilia’s house, who must return to the top. “Obviously sixth place isn’t enough if you’re fighting for the championship.” He actually confessed. “But it was tough trails and after all I’m happy with the results. There are still some problems with the braking, for me in particular, but the bike has great stability and acceleration. But this is the best Aprilia ever and I can’t wait to try it in Aragon, one of the best My rinks.” For him, he is third in the overall standings, with 33 points behind, and six players are competing. “The championship is coming to an end, they will demand the race and we must regain competitiveness at the beginning of the year. I hope to be back on the podium.”

Bastianini: “It’s hard to stay focused”

Excellent start, some problems in the middle, now newfound competitiveness. The Gresini-Ducati rider presents himself as one of the loose-fitting miners in the race. “We got from a good GP in Misano, starting on Friday: after the break we were immediately able to compete in the GP.” Aragon is optimistic, but it will be the first of three consecutive rounds. “It’s going to be hard to stay focused, but I’m really excited. I’ve made a lot of mistakes since Mugello and it hasn’t been good for the championship, but I’m competitive again. I have a nice bike and the eight of us can compete a lot: we have an excellent relationship and it will be important that We are doing well in the future as well.” He therefore prefers to answer a question regarding a possible team match for Bagnaia in the race.

Joanne Meir: “We have a big challenge ahead of us”

The second Suzuki rider is back in action after an uproar at the start of the race in Austria, which left him injured. He missed Misano, and now he’s back at work. “I worked hard to be there. I’m still in some pain because I’m not completely fine, but I don’t think it’s a saddle problem. Now I just want to think about having fun: in Austria we have improved something in terms of speed, we have to keep going like this” . In this period, the expected announcement of his 2023 car arrived at Repsol Honda. ‘I couldn’t have said that before’ Smile world champion 2020. “I have a big challenge ahead, but first I want to finish the match in the best possible way with Suzuki, then we will think about it.”

Marquez: “The goal is just to finish the weekend”

Expected return, something #93 himself wasn’t sure of. “I wasn’t expecting to be in Aragon” He confessed. “Everything went well, step by step I feel better, but there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve the goal that I want. The test was positive and there was a chance and we spoke with the doctors about it.” And now he is back. “I’m only here to recover and work until 2023. The podium? I would say the chance is 1%: I’m out of my physical condition, but also other riders and other manufacturers. Now I just want to think about ending the weekend with a step up, here as well as in the next two general practitioners.” It confirms the use of the KALEX chassis on the Misano, and is proof that Honda is working hard. “Next year I will also have a strong teammate. We have all the means to think about the championship.”

Photo: motogp.com