From Santo (Vesani) From Dream World Journey to “Sold Well” Youth Racing

When mentioning the names of cycling teams, there is no need to hide them, there is a tendency to identify them in one’s mind by first name. An example is Bardiani Csf Faizanè. In the collective imagination, she is “La Bardiani” with her lecherous Emilian spirit. But it’s right to focus on the other side of the team, too. Venice. He is the patron of Faizanè, a SpA company founded by Pietro Dal Santo and his wife Franca Toldo in 1968, and today it is run by his son Martino with his two brothers Maurizio and Gabriella. In fact, in addition to contributing strongly to one of the three Italian pros, she is also active in grassroots cycling.

He explains everything to us in detail Martino Dal Santoone of those real thoughtful Vincents who love to think things through and tell them how they think: “We are manufacturers and retailers of industrial materials for plastic and rubber processing. When we moved to the new headquarters in 2007, I was thinking about retiring soon, but I’m here again with the goal of doubling the size of my company. And in 2016, with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the company approaching, which was to happen two years later, I wanted to give a decisive boost in terms of image and got into the sport. First in football, he became the sponsor on the back of the shirts of Vicenza who played in the second division, but that season went badly and the team was relegated. I didn’t want to play C a little bit, the football world revealed itself a bit because of what you might not notice when you look at the matches from the outside i.e. full of excellent leagues. Then I said to myself “My father was very passionate about cycling and made me passionate about it in the days of Jimundi: I was a member of the Bianchi Club and I received pins and postcards at home…” Then I decided to enter the world of cycling.”

How did you come to join Bardiani CSF back then?

“I wrote to the Italian professionals and got a positive response from Francesco Pelosi, Team Manager of Nebo Fantini. We did with them two years, and then they closed the team. So I pass by “Zio Bruno” Reverberi, with whom I get along very well: he seems to be my father, so honest that I feel really comfortable with him, we understand each other by looking into each other’s eyes and never understand a grumble. I hope to go a long way with him, and I would very much like to gradually expand the budget so that I can afford the world tour tomorrow as Alpecin did.”

Is the new partnership with the Green Project Agency going in this direction, then?

“Yes, it is an important step towards becoming a strong professional. But you have to proceed wisely, with the right steps: when you climb a mountain, you have to do so by taking the right steps with the certainty of never falling again. I’m against saying easily “I have the money, I’m going around the world”: maybe there and then a sponsor will find it, but if the project is not strong, you risk that when he receives you you will return to where you came from. “

And what is his credit for the 2022 season of Csf Faizanè?

“Global lead: Fiorelli did really well, and within a month or so Zanna won the Adriatica-Ionica at home, then the Italian Championship! I might have expected better results from Modolo and Battaglin in service.”

And how does Faizanè contribute to youth cycling?

“We’ve decided to work alongside the district’s youth team: the Sandrigo Bike team that does all the classes even the little ones. “I would like to organize a race in honor of my father,” I told President Pierre David de Marchi: “You will laugh, but I want to focus on the very young. Why? We always like to target amateurs, juniors, etc. Demonstration race for G0.”

What distinguishes your ethnicity?

“We’re working on doing something that’s never been seen before in these parts at these levels. First of all, look at the label: we’ve created a logo, as great races do, and we’ve come up with this design that allows kids and teens to get into the game dimension. And in the preliminary race , I want to introduce the athletes on the stage of the Giro d’Italia and two reconnaissance rounds of the course with Bardiani riders Csf Faizanè or other professionals.In fact, I think it is very important to get children to want to ride bicycles, and to do that you also need to know how to “sell The sport did well” right from the start.”

A concept, expressed by Martino Dal Santo, who directly notes that “cycling is great, but if you don’t convey a good picture, how can you attract kids?” The backbone of Filippo Pozzato. Grow up, guess what, on the Sandrigo Bike Team. Who knows it’s not really Bebo, Saturday 1 Octoberto have the very young riders survey their first Faizanè Cup.