GP Aragon: Press Conference

MotoGP GP Aragon 2022, press conference – The first chapter, after a week of rest, prepares to face the Trilogy (Aragon, Japan and Thailand).

It’s starting from the Canizon stage and it’s going to be a very important weekend because there will be Marc Marquez’s comeback!

The Spaniard was present at the usual press conference on Thursday. Also with him: Pico Bagnaia, Alex Espargari, Fabio Quartararo, Joan Mir and Ina Bastianini.

Remarks by Marc Marquez, Aragon GP press conference

“I’m very happy to be back, something I wasn’t expecting at Mugello, I didn’t think I could compete in Aragon but things have gone well since the intervention. I’ve always felt better, the road is very long and if I want to reach my goal I still have a lot of Work to do.After the Misano test the sensations and the way I finished the test were so good we analyzed the condition of my arms after a few days and discussed if we could be here.For me it is important to get back on the bike and prepare for 2023.As for For the podium, I’d say 1% chance. The bone is ok but the muscular condition is still a long way from what I’d like, then as Meyer said, Honda is going through a very difficult moment. My goal for this season is to finish every weekend, it’s true that maybe in Japan and Thailand I won’t be able to finish the weekend but I intend to close every weekend and give accurate pointers to Honda. Next winter will be the time when I will have to figure out the maximum level I can reach with my arm. Honda has understood the situation and we have to keep working, They are participating All big on the project, next year I will have a very strong teammate so the riders will be there, now all we need are the tools to work and fight for a championship”

Remarks by Biko Bagnaya, Aragon GB Press Conference

“This moment is great for me, for my feeling on the bike and for working in the pits. Misano is home racing, a magical place for me and we did very well. At Jerez we started doing well but then I started making mistakes and losing a lot of points, but I think we did. Great job understanding where the problem is and we learned an important lesson.Victory on Sunday?I just want to try to do well and stay ahead because I think there are many riders who can fight to win.The key will be to be consistent.Help me win in Aragon this year The past is in finding and understanding that I can win races. It gave me the motivation and the strength to win.”

Remarks by Fabio Quartararo, Aragon GP press conference

“Tough track but we’ve always been going really fast here in qualifying and in the race even if we didn’t get great results. Sector 4 is going to be very tough for us but I’m sure of that. We’ll have a test structure in Misano and we’ll see when we use it, the tests were important because after a race Misano we were all in spirits but the test gave smiles. Pico recovery? The points are 30, I have to do my best, trying to push myself to the limit and we’ll see how it goes in the next races”

Remarks by Alex Espargaro, press conference in Aragon GB

“Sixth place wasn’t the best result but Austria and Misano were tough tracks. I worked hard and was satisfied. I always do well in Aragon so I can’t wait to race. The championship is coming to an end, there are going to be five races in six weeks and it’s going to be tough but no We can concede any other points and hopefully from here we can start on the podium.”

Enea Bastianini remarks, Aragon GP press conference

“We came from an excellent race in Misano, we started on the right foot from Friday and that is important for us because after the break we came back stronger, I think this can help me also in the future. Aragon is one of my favorite tracks, last year I was strong in the race. Now we will have three races in a row and it will be difficult to maintain focus until the end of the championship but I am determined to do a good job. I lacked consistency this year I made several mistakes from Mugello onwards and that is not good for the championship but I think I will be able to compete in all parts For the rest of the season. It will be difficult to stay in the front group all the time but our bike is fast. We are eight Ducati bikes and we can compare the data every time”

Remarks by Joan Mir, Aragon GB Press Conference

“I am very happy to be back here, it was a tough few weeks and I tried to recover as best I could, my goal was to come back here. I feel good although I know I will be in pain but I don’t think it will be a problem in terms of speed. My target will try to enjoy the races The last few (at Suzuki, Ed) in Austria we’ve made a little bit better in terms of speed and we have to keep going on that track to see if we can fight for the top spots. I’m very happy to announce at Honda, it’s a big challenge for me, I know I’m getting here Not at the best time for this house and that makes the challenge even more intense. The important thing is that we finish the season in the best way with Suzuki and then we will have time to think about Honda.” has been selected by the new Google News Service,
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