GUIDONIA – Via dei Sambuchi as in Formula 1, car against the wall: one wounded

The driver told the traffic police that she suddenly swerved to avoid another car, ending the race on the sidewalk and crashing into a boundary wall, after dropping a pole and touching a pedestrian walking with the dog.

A damaged car, a lot of fear and bruises for a passerby.

It’s the balance sheet forA road accident occurred on Thursday morning, September 22nd, in Via dei Samboche in Colle Fiorito, in the Gidonia-Monticellio region..

It is located around a A two-way ramp connecting Via Degli Arumi and Via Rosata, the main artery of the village, parallel to Via de Casal BiancoIt is already the scene of other road accidents, which is why residents consider it extremely dangerous.

car accident dynamics

According to the first reconstruction of Customers of the Road Accident Safety Service of the local police of Gidonia MonticelliYesterday’s accident happened shortly after noon.

a Mazda station wagon driven by a 35-year-old Moroccan town and a two-year-old girl on board Coming from Via degli Arumi at the intersection with Delle Bettoni, I invaded the opposite path, crashing into a wall. at that moment He was a 65-year-old Italian resident with a dog passing on the sidewalk, who could have avoided the worst but had bruised lower extremities.

I immediately intervened Patrol of the SSI of the local police under the coordination of Lieutenant Letizia Greco e 118 ambulances Who took the pedestrian to the emergency room.

Medical staff immediately visited the 35-year-old girl and her young daughter, both in shock but fortunately safe.

Residents’ anger: “Establishing individuality towards VIA DEGLI AROMI”

As the traffic police conducted surveys and placed red and white strips on the pillars of the demolished road signs, the residents of Via dei Sampucci also poured into the street.

Yesterday’s incident has actually sapped the patience of the residents who are organizing one now A set of signatures to present to the Mayor of Gidonia Montecilio Mauro Lombardo.

On Via dei Sambuchi, a one-way street must be built from Via Rosata towards Via degli Aromi – pressure Marco Inaroa resident – It’s the only way to avoid tragedies“.

The road is steep for those coming from the Digli Arumi road – Inaru explains – The cars go as fast as at Monza at any time of the day.

Motorists in the morning They ran to take their children to school on Rosata Road. In the afternoon and evening, When the traffic jam is created at the traffic light on Via Casal Bianco at the corner with Via Rosata, drivers shine like crazy using Via dei Sambuchi as an alternative shortcut.

By the way, the extension of the road has no sidewalk and The entrance stairway to condominiums owned by Atar ends in front of the site of yesterday’s accident inside the road: the tenants risk their lives every time they leave the house.

On Thursday only by chance a pedestrian with a dog and a father who was crossing with two children with his hand was not hit: if the municipal administration did not intervene and did not listen to our requests, Next time the dead will run away from us“.