Hamilton, confession about Brazil 2008 appears: This is what happened

In the official F1 podcast, Timo Glock is back at the Interlagos GP which decided the 2008 title in favor of Lewis Hamilton.

He doesn’t have one of his best seasons in F1 Lewis Hamilton. After the title disappeared on the final lap of the 2021 championship, the seven-times world champion tried to reset it and started in 2022 with the same determination and desire to return to domination. Unfortunately, however, he already understood in Barcelona tests that with Mercedes W13 It wasn’t easy at all, on the contrary. The car, which was defined as revolutionary by the architects of the Anglo-German house, immediately proved itself below Red Bull and Ferrari, so much so that it ended up in the middle of the group swerving for a spot on its own.

Lewis Hamilton (ANSA)

But soon after, after the bitter bites, Mercedes is starting to get results and at the end of this season is aiming hard for success Or at least to steal second place in the constructors’ championship from the red team. But very little compared to previous seasonswhen Hamilton ruled everywhere.

The dominance of the English and the Anglo-German house seems to have come to an end. There are already those who are talking about Verstappen, who has now deposed the seven-time world champion, who Moreover, it struggles with internal competition from George Russell It’s hard to stop. But for now, there are those who wanted to return to the beginnings of Hamilton’s career, who are waiting for better times, who after making his debut in 2007, which led him to touch the world title as a rookie player, already scored in his second year of F1.

Glock and this is the nickname of Hamilton in Brazil

Brazil for two consecutive years was the date when the World Cup finals were decided on the last lap. In 2007 he was the winner of the dispute between Hamilton and Alonso Kimi Raikkonen with Ferrari, but the following year it was so Felipe Massa To compete for the British title until the end. It was the touching final lap that seemed to start the Brazilian party, but it was climbing into the headlines Timo Glockthe Toyota driver, who was decisive in the final corners of the Grand Prix.

Hamilton overtakes Lindenfels in the final meters of this crazy race at InterlagosHe surpassed the Englishman, earning him fifth place, which gave him his first world championship. All the water’s faults made it to the track in the last two laps, with the German from Toyota staying on the track with dry tyres, and suffering a comeback from behind by several drivers. In the final round, Hamilton earned him 18 seconds, bringing a truly amazing finale to the championship.

Timo version

For years Glock has been at the center of speculation and conspiracy theories regarding what happened in Brazil but in the official Formula One podcast, Beyond the netHe wanted to talk about what happened in that GP: “I tried to do my best. I remember the last 3-4 laps very well because the direction we were going was clear to me. I didn’t know I was going to decide the title, but we were between 7th and 9th and then these drags came on the track. With three laps left, I remember telling the team that if it rained, chaos would break out on the track. They told me we had nothing to lose and that we would stay outside“.

And it was precisely this movement that was fatal to Glock and crucial to Hamilton:On the penultimate lap it really started raining in the last corner and I told the box over the radio that I had to go back, but they told me I couldn’t. Because the pit lane was already full of people for the coronation and people were crazy because Massa was the world champion at that moment. So they told me to stay outside. In those stages I was fourth and just tried to go all the way with the slick tires in the middle of all that water. I don’t have a fist And the pictures on the plane attest to that.”

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The truth is that Lewis came from behind and overtook him in the last corners and with that result he won the drivers’ title. But Glock noted: “My track engineer just told me that Hamilton had won the title, but it wasn’t crucial to overtake me. Then I congratulated Hamilton from under the podium but then all the reporters came asking me why I helped Lewis, why I decided on the title. Then I wondered, “What the hell is going on?”. It was my physiotherapist who took me away and told me everything. I haven’t spoken to Massa in 10 years, because I thought he would kill me.”