Hamilton like Cena? Chilling words for a Formula E driver

Hamilton penalized by the FIA ​​as was Ayrton Senna at the time of Pallister? For fellow countryman and driver Bird, that’s what happens in Formula One.

After incredibly assisting him in the early stages of his Formula One journey, Hamilton He will be hated by the International Federation. The latest example could have happened at Monza, while strictly respecting car safety regulations, unlike what happened in Abu Dhabi last December.

Lewis Hamilton (La Presse Pictures)

Hot both the British and the team manager Mercedes Toto Wolff They were happy to re-align with Summit Sports legislation. But the bitterness is clearly great. Yas Marina’s memory is strong. And the feeling that you’ve been duped into a title is even harsher than before.

Commenting on Monza Sunday events on the BBC Checkered Flag podcast, Driver Jaguar FE Sam Bird shouted scandal. Approaching current experience pork meat so from Cinnamon tree. When in 1989 he was denied the World Cup after the famous collision with McLaren from boxmate Prost In another chicane at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Hamilton in the FIA’s goal?

In short, for the Englishman, the seven-time world champion would be subject to Federal suppression. But above all a certain favoritism towards VerstappenAs it happened with the professor Eye When there was an order from the regulator Jean Marie Pallister.

It’s a terrible situation because they have now decided to follow protocol. If they do it in 2021 Louis He will be an eight-time champion. While Max will be about to earn his first win“, Considered.

It’s a bit like what happened with Ayrton. In 1990 they changed the final corner rule for Suzuka. He exposed himself at the briefing explaining how he had been injured the previous season. There are some similarities. As far as I’m concerned, I totally understand your frustration“, Considered.

After being called to clear the race and especially the last laps under the safety car, the 35-year-old said that in his opinion there were all possibilities to experience an exciting final race. However, the specter of last year’s Grand Prix led to a dead end. In favor of an approach that complies with regulations and is less discretionary.

In fact, even in this case, there was no shortage of errors. Slowness in entering the arena of the Security Council and placing it in front of it contactinstead of crazy max Whoever led the group made us understand the nervousness and tension in the “control room”.

In Italy, in front of the masses, it was Ferrari The second with a chance to cross the finish line first. It’s daring to immediately resume racing without doubling down on those who weren’t at full speed. More than anything else it would have caused controversy‘, ultimately argued the Londoner. Of course the federation did not want to take the risk of avoiding reopening Pandora’s Box in recent months.

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At the moment, the 37-year-old is sixth in the overall drivers’ standings with 168 points compared to the Dutch’s 335. On the other hand, his teammate ranks fourth with a score of 203.