Here is the reason for the divorce

MotoGP has welcomed the news of the split of brothers Alex and Marc Marquez, who have split from Emilio Alzamora. Here are the reasons.

The 2022 MotoGP season is coming to an end, but the battle for the world title is between Fabio Quartararo and Pico Bagnaia It is very hot. However, it must be said that a weekend in Aragon will be very popular especially for another reason, namely to return to the track Marc Marquez After three and a half months of hiatus.

MotoGP Marc Marquez (ANSA)

In fact, the eight-time world champion had ended his season early due to having another surgery on his right arm, which he announced at an extraordinary press conference held after qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello. MotoGP certainly did not view this decision favorably, as the top tier is going through a very difficult moment.

The loss of Marquez following the retirement of Valentino Rossi is very painful, especially in terms of the interests of the public.. However, Mark’s season is not over as it may seem, as there has been talk for several weeks of his qualifying return to the track.

Citizen received Cervera a short time ago Doctors are OK to go back to bike training, and last week he took Misano’s tests with good results. A few hours ago, the official decision arrived with Honda Who reported it? Marquis He will ride the RC213V in Aragon, taking back where he left it Stephen Bradelunconvincing to tell the truth.

It will be a very tough weekend for the eight-time world champion, who will have to assess the pain in his arm, which did not appear during the tests but can cause some headaches from a distance. It will also be Mark’s first race after breaking up with the coach Emilio AlzamoraAnd the Who always follows Throughout his career, and today we will understand the reasons for the breakdown of relationships.

MotoGP, here are the reasons for breaking up with Alzamora

MotoGP lands in Aragon, with Mark so Alex Marquez who are no longer in a relationship Emilio Alzamora, their longtime manager. In an interview he gaveMotorsport-Total.comThe two brothers, on the occasion of Misano’s appointment, spoke about the reasons for the separation.

Here are Mark’s words:I am so grateful for what he has done throughout my career, and I can never thank him enough I think. We had many good times together, even if sometimes we had to learn from others. We have been very happy, and there have been so many joys over the years. The relationship has been so long, 18 years is a long time, but now it’s time for a change, for a new chapter. I think this is the normal course of life“.

Mark . added: “In your 30s you no longer have the same mindset that you have at 18, it couldn’t be otherwise. Life changes over time. Everything changes and you are forced to adapt, otherwise you will not be able to continue. Why did we decide to say goodbye with Alzamora? In the last two or three years there have been some problems, so we decided by mutual agreement to separate, although obviously it was a huge disappointment for everyone, but we still have to move on, we love MotoGP and racing in general, we don’t give up About them of course, it’s just a change“.

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Alex Marquez He said: “Our relationship with Emilio has been really long, and with time it shows signs of eroding, but I think it’s normal. I also think that for two or three years things weren’t going as well as in the past, he thought so too. There were no issues when we talked about it, everything was almost normal, and it was the right decision to make“.