Here’s what doesn’t work, between the pitch and the bench

Still 14 days with a non-digestible lunch on the stomach. It will be difficult to get rid of the waste left by the first leg in Udine over the Nerazzurri and Simone Inzaghi will have to find the key to restart gear that has never been flooded. Three defeats in 7 matches (4 in 8, according to the Champions League), all very similar to each other, too much for the lack of a clear picture of the situation, or at least the problems of a team that seems far from the one who competed until the last day for the Scudetto in Milan. Udinese was clearly superior in all respects, not just the athlete. As Piacenza’s coach says, it’s a “defeat that should make us think about it.”

The first assessment is the cardholder’s training at this delicate stage to say the least: Practically the same, without Ivan Perisic and without the injured Romelu Lukaku, which the staff and management did all in to stay at a high level. The Croatian’s farewell weighs much more than expected, because the left winger does not have an heir yet and because the difference Not only technical and tactical, but above all psychological. The character of the new Tottenham winger has not been compensated by his teammates and when things go wrong you can see how. Then we must add that some of the owners suffer from obvious physical deterioration, such as Samir Handanovic, Edin Dzeko and Stefan de Vrij. On the other hand, in the psychological decline, there are two main pillars of the past few seasons: Milan Skriniar and Alessandro Bastoni. It is clear that both of them, even if there is no scientific evidence, still feel the effects of the summer spent in the marketwith the risk of having to pack their bags and feeling indispensable. Other reference points such as Marcelo Brozovic and Nicolo Barilla, who have swapped positive performances with other negative performances, are also having a hard time.. Without their contribution from all points of view, it is clear that Inter is not the same.

It is also clear that delaying the condition that in mid-September is no longer as legitimate as it was in the beginning. Statistics say the team is working a lot, but it’s not doing it right. In simpler words: it works poorly. He arrives late on the ball, fails to keep the pressure high, and does not attack the game but merely monitors it to manage energy resources. Then it becomes clear that this situation does not concern all players, but certainly a large part of them. In the three league defeats, Inter’s difficulty in relation to their opponents became apparent, especially in Udine against a healthy team that reached beyond the nineties and won well. genuine thorns Which, hopefully, can give eloquent signals to Inzaghi and his staff in light of the return to the field on 1 October against Roma, without the suspended Brozovic.

Speaking of Inzaghi, when things go wrong it’s natural that we go first and foremost to the bench. Since the team has been strengthened in the market but has lost Perisic on the left and has not had Lukaku for a month, some decisions of the Piacenza coach have affected the current direction. At Olimpico, the changes were chosen, in the derby he postponed substitutions and in the Dacia Arena the two interventions after half an hour to try to shake the team, already under the auspices of Friuli despite the advantage that was found after only 4 minutes. An unusual move for the former Lazio coach, who stresses the difficulties in finding solutions to change negative trends. And if the person in question admits that the ax fell only on the two players already booked but should have hit the other two as well, it means that the team’s style was very poor despite being aware of the problems of a match like that of Udinese. In other words: Inzaghi struggles to find countermoves and to understand how the mysterious waters are currently moving.

Returning to the substitutions this afternoon, Roberto Galliardini was chosen to replace Mkhitaryan who certainly struggled, with the rhythms imposed by the opponent’s medium, despite his better physical abilities. If the match is prepared with the technical characteristics of the Armenians, Perhaps Christian Aslani could have gotten off the bench, which is definitely the closest file to him. The coach from Piacenza was clear, he only sees the Albanian as a reserve for Brozovic while not ruling out the possibility of him being deployed as a midfielder, a situation we have already seen in pre-season. Far from the specific case, there is an idea that this year Inter have more solutions from the bench, especially in the middle. However, in addition to the former Rome, the most involved was Gagliardini who is not historically 100% convinced. Given that the company would invest 14 million in a lean cow period for the 2002 ex Empoli class, it may have lost some space it would have deserved.. Especially in the absence of Hakan Calhanoglu and the replacement of Mkhitaryan.

Also troubling is the mental aspect of the story. Players who should play a role leader They hide, they can’t be an example to their comrades, they get depressed easily. They can’t change the direction of the game when you’re going in the wrong direction. He lacks personality in the minute moments and whoever tries to throw him on the field does not have control over his teammates. There is also an awareness that any reaction will be futile and that everything has been entrusted to the nerves rather than the head. An aspect that a coach can definitely work on, but it needs Response By players, who become an easy target for opponents without the fun of playing.

Inzaghi also has his responsibilities in the split created in the goal. Samir Handanovic would also be an excellent commander and an important tactical weapon in the construction from below, but now he no longer offers guarantees between columns.. The performance against Torino, given the match at the Dacia Arena, takes on the appearance of a unicum that cannot be ignored. With the Slovenian in the net, it is clear that the defense is not calm and there is a feeling that the goal can be reached with the first shot on goal. He himself does not show a special calm between the posts, think of the defiant with his fist on harmless passes to be blocked and that’s it. If there is no alternative like last season, it will be useless rhetoric. But on the bench is Andre Onana who will also have many limitations but at least gives the idea of ​​not giving up even in the face of well-guided conclusions. And then, to be honest, he is not a young rookie but a holder of the Cameroon national team, the expected protagonist of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, who has grown up in Barcelona and has made several appearances in the Champions League. And the rotation imposed by Inzaghi is already squeak, because for the viewer the question automatically arises: would Onana have interfered with that shot that went into the goal? Maybe it’s time to make a final change between posts, if only to see their impact. If it’s in the team’s best interest, then each choice is conceptually correct.