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With six races remaining in the 2022 season, the starting grid for the next tournament has yet to be fully established. In addition to Williams and Haas, who must confirm or not confirm their drivers, the two teams with a heavy question mark are: AlphaTauri and Alpine, which can be “linked” to direct operations in the driver’s market. In fact, in 2023, the opportunity for vision can be realized Pierre Gasly As new Esteban Ocon teammate, but on one condition: Leaving AlphaTauri towards Enstone, Team Faenza must promote the role of official driver. Colton Hart.

To achieve this, not only will Red Bull green light While moving to Gasly, but also 40 points wanted on Herta Super License So that the American can compete regularly in Formula 1. However, currently, the potential new entry of AlphaTauri is stopped at 32 pointsThanks to the FIA’s ruthlessness in calculating the standards of the drivers participating in the IndyCar Championship, just like the 22-year-old. Moreover, even if the latter were to take to the track in the first free practice session in the subsequent GPs, and complete 100 km and without incurring any kind of penalty, these results are still not enough to fill the eight points that separate him from obtaining a valid super license to face Formula 1 World Championship (each free training session with at least 100 km covered equals one point only).

At this point, a question spontaneously arises: What would be the most appropriate solution for Americans to make a “set of points” in time for 2023? The answer can be backtracked Asian or Indian regional form. In fact, these classes are known as “winter,” as they are played when the season is milder in the east during the European winter. Moreover, it is recognized by the FIA, which attributes a large number of Valid points for a super license. One aspect, the latter, is guaranteed by the International Federation, unlike in 2019 Dan Tektum. English, then enrolled in Asian F3In action, he became aware that the series had not been recognized by the FIA ​​for allocating points, which would still be difficult to obtain even for results that did not reach the British during that championship. Moreover, between the Asian and Indian regional formula, the latter can provide results in Faster times from the beginning. In fact, the Asian calendar calendar will provide final results until February, making Red Bull’s choices more difficult than the Indian menu, which is scheduled between November and December. Moreover, finally, to favor the entry of Herta into Asia or India, there is also the goal of these championships, which are not only to welcome young drivers, but also at the international level. The FIA ​​doesn’t have any discount, so if Red Bull really wants to see Herta in action in F1 at the wheel of an Alpha Tauri winter car, “points-collecting” appears to be the only way to get the points required for a super licence.

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