Herta seduced and severely abandoned IndyCar drivers with F1 – Formula 1

In the intense tangled negotiations that were born and then disappeared in the short time that characterized these final months of the Formula One driver market, one of the most revealing things in the spotlight was Red Bull’s behavior to bring young American talent to the circus. Colton Hart. Herta won seven races in four full seasons in the major open wheel series in the US, had already done track tests with McLaren driving the 2021 car and also finished in the Alpine logbook. Helmut Marko was chosen first to replace Pierre Gasly in AlphaTauri. The Austrian manager had actually set the 22-year-old in California the right profile to start a process in the “second team” of the Red Bull group.

However, Herta does not have Points needed to obtain a premium license, Mandatory to drive by owners in the circus. Marco and Red Bull tried to get an FIA discount, but understandably hit back at spades, concerned about being able to create a precedent that would set the case for jurisprudence. At this point, while the manager from Graz is highly critical of the SuperLicense points-assignment mechanism – which actually puts IndyCar one step below F2 in the points assigned for placements from day two onwards – he decided Abandon the American track. However, this choice, more than the person in question, appears to have upset many of his fellow Americans.

He was the most outspoken among the veterans of this class, Graham Rahalwhich has Extreme attack in Formula 1 Via your Twitter profile. The 33-year-old from Ohio has relaunched a controversial post against alleged “elite” From the circus, then the dose increased, not without a hint of nationalism. “F1 is an elite sport. They don’t want us. remember this. They want corporate America’s money, and they want rich Americans’ money. But he doesn’t care about the rest. It has always been this way and always will be.” his dash.

Soon after, in another venomous tweet, Rahal also tried to disprove the theory that Herta, who had not been given a SuperLicense, was not good enough for Formula 1:”For those who say Colton Hertha didn’t “earn” the right: you’re off track. He has the same talent, if not more, than the others. It is a clear winner. He made it to the top and did a very good job. F1 has had paid drivers for years Colton has nothing to envy. These are facts.”. Among the comments were messages of approval from other drivers in the series, such as Conor Daly. A sign of how the IndyCar “network” is facing a common front from this point of view.

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