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TheWe launched last week on our site and on our social channelsFacebookAnd the Instagram) A questionnaire. He meant to make you tell Tales and stories that revive moments from the past that we feel nostalgic for in one way or another.

We did not expect such a large participation from you Commented on over 1000 And we from the editorial team read you all!

As promised, we have collected the stories that, in our opinion, are the most exciting. here they are:

@claudio gandolfi – 14 years old. It was 1980, and the kid had always been “naturally” interested in engines, as a teen he started devouring magazines and brochures with his look around the 125, after being fascinated by 50 tubes. However, unfortunately, even in the following years, he does not have the possibility of being able to buy the Cagiva SST, and least of all the Malanca 2C, or the inaccessible Aspes Yuma: in fact, frankly, given the situation, he decided to wait a little longer A little – even if he suffers – to look at 350 of the 18-year-olds. In the meantime, he continues his frantic kinetic acculturation, perhaps believing he can make up for the imperfection, and willingly accepts some practice, even if he is confined to his friends’ irons. Time passes, money passes without stopping in a piggy bank, 20 years still pedaling, until a dear friend offered him to buy a Laverda SF 750. The price is attractive, but the functionality is included in the package. Aesthetic and mechanical storage that allows you to work together in downtime. The winter months roll by without a rush to tidy up the rack: first the frame, tank, and side panels are painted and then the little mechanics in need of attention are repaired, finally arriving in April, the month when a B license allowed you to finally be able to roam the street with pride, without caring about the jeers of some who In her they saw a coffin. The beginning of the love of two wheels and mechanics, which continues to this day, and which will continue with the children, finally arrived.

Tweet embed – MV 125 TREL 1961. My father would take me sometimes to kindergarten and then to primary school. It was the first motorcycle to enter the family and it’s still in my garage. At the age of 17, driver’s license A and first lap in the streets of the province of Bolzano. Then the Honda 350 and others, but the one that left an indelible mark and gave me a passion for motorcycles was this MV that looked like an engine to me when I was young and is now a small bike with immense sentimental value.

Tweet embed – My love for motorcycles was born with my father’s Benelli 250 2C. That unmistakable two-stroke noise, that distinct smell of exhaust fumes, and chrome gleaming in sunlight are memories that still accompany me despite the many decades behind me. When he put me in the saddle for a few laps, I felt like the luckiest kid in the world. I told myself that when I grew up I couldn’t live without riding a motorbike. And it was. So it wasn’t my bike in the strict sense of the word, but definitely with it a strong passion was born.

@Roberto Milan The passion was born long before the bike. When I was a kid, back in the ’90s looking at enduro bikes in amazement, I got dizzy when I saw dirt bikes and was excited to ride a G-Class Mercedes, I was amazed. If I saw a quad pass, I became speechless and forced my mother to stop at all the dealerships I met on the street, as I stayed for hours in front of the windows thinking about motorcycles…Mainly a lover of off-road engines. While the other kids were reading comics, I was reading motorbike magazines.

Tweet embed 12 years ago: MV Agusta Brutale. parked on the street. I think I looked at it for half an hour, walking around in it, observing every detail. I was fascinated by her beauty, and at that point I started thinking how cool it would be to ride a motorbike! Fatal love at first sight because from there I decided to buy a motorcycle. The easy stuff first (Suzuki Gladios), then the KTM Duke 690r and now the BMW R1200R. I am happy like that. I am 72 years old

These are just some of the beautiful stories she told us. We thank all the readers who participated and invite you to comment below by telling us your story if you haven’t already. Until next time!