“I aim to finish every Grand Prix. Honda is behind Ducati and Aprilia” – OA Sport

eve day World Championship 2022: from tomorrow, Friday, September 16is scheduled Aragon 2022 Grand PrixA weekend that promises to be special for Marc Marquez When returning after another arm surgery. Home racing, important above all on a psychological level and for the sensations that can be found in his Honda.

Here are the Spaniard’s statements made at the press conference:I’m really very happy to be able to come back, after the operation I didn’t think it was possible to compete in Aragon but fortunately it went well. Step by step I felt better and better, the road is obviously very long: to reach my goal, it will take a lot of work, but due to the comfortable results of the Misano test and the condition of my arm, we decided to go back“.

The decision to come back came this weekend after talking about it with the right people; Of course it will not be a simple return: “We’ve discussed it a lot with the doctors and with my team, but we think it’s the best thing, also in light of the upcoming season. The important thing now is to combine the gym and motorcycle testing in the best possible way, and we’ll see what I can do. The podium here in Aragon? Very few chances, say 1% (Ride, NDR)I’m not at his best yet. The bone is now fine, thank God, but from a muscular point of view my condition is still far from what I want it to be“.

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The Spaniards continued:Honda is going through a tough time, they are way behind the rest of the teams. The goal of this season’s end is to wrap up every weekend without unexpected events. We’re going to have three straight weeks of racing so I might have to stop sometimes but I hope not so I’m setting myself that goal. I want to prepare well for 2023 and give direction to Honda; During the winter I will see how it goes with my arm, if I can exceed a certain level or if that is not possible“.

Then Marquez expected himself more towards the new season: “What will the news be? Honda is Honda, they decided; I, as a rider, express my feelings, comment, and discuss, there is an awareness of being apart of my Ducati and Aprilia. We have to keep working, I will have a very strong teammate next year (Joanne Meyer, ndr)We hope to have a bike that is as competitive as possible. At the moment it does not give us positive answers, especially in the front we have some problems but we are working on them. New swingarm? It will definitely be different, for now I don’t feel like trying it this weekend“.

Physical conditions, which are not yet at the top, can affect the performance of the Spaniard so much that he does not finish the weekend; The Honda rider also revealed this possibility very clearly: “I know I’ll be at the start of every Grand Prix, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish all of them. As I said earlier, that’s my goal, but we’ll see; For example, here in Aragon, unless there are unforeseen circumstances, I will have no problems finishing the weekend, but when the obligations are closer to each other, everything will be much more complicated. I have already talked about it with Honda, they are familiar with the situation“.

Going back to racing at home has its value, even if a lot will depend on the physical responses you will have when you walk down the track: “For me it is important to start over on a very familiar circuit, it has been a dream to be back here, knowing I will have fun. I also know that I have to stay calm, just as I am aware of the possibility of a fall, even the doctors know, but the bone is fine, I have to regain some muscle mass“.

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